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What’s Your Plan for Next Year?

DECEMBER 28, 2017| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



It’s that time of year when individuals and enterprises take stock of what they want to do in the coming year. Do you have some exciting marketing initiatives slated for 2018? When it comes to communicating a visceral message to customers, employees or prospects, there’s nothing like Great. Big. Graphics.

Can we help you execute on your site branding tactics?

If your company is planning a new or refreshed campaign that includes events, point-of-purchase displays, street teams or other guerrilla tactics, we’d love to help. Can we assist in getting that Mission Statement proudly displayed in large letters on a prominent wall? Refresh that signage in the window? Roll out a product with flags, banners and “lollipop” signs?

Resolutions?  Who need ’em?

Maybe this is the year to wrap that shuttle bus? Or, perhaps it’s time for the sidewalk graphics at the big show? Or maybe that giant mesh banner hanging down the side of the building? Or the opportunity to revamp the trade show booth with some new graphic panels? Feel free to give us a call if you have a pending display graphics project or if you’re just brainstorming. We’ll be happy to discuss some options and bring you up to speed on next year’s hottest trends.

Of course at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we have our own “to do” list. Our New Year’s aspirations are to grow, expand our offerings, push our limits, and (for some of us) lose a few pounds, of course. Here’s to a fantastic 2018…may we all prosper together!

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