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Wood, Rubber and Mirrors – Printing to Non-traditional surfaces

OCTOBER 10, 2019| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Can we print on that? – Probably YES

baseball bases with logoIf it’s flat and not too thick, SpeedPro San Francisco Peninsula can probably print on it!  With today’s durable and strong-bonding UV cured inks applied on a flatbed printer such as our 128″ wide AGFA Anapurna H3200i, there are wonderful creative possibilities available. With our capability to print on surfaces of up to ten feet wide, we’ve done printing on a wide variety of non-traditional substrates

For clients in San Francisco,  Sonoma County, “Silicon Valley” and the East Bay, we have printed on rubber softball bases, wooden barrel tops, plywood and mirror, not to mention the much more common call for foam board (Gatorfoam or FoamCore), expanded PVC sheets (“Sintra” and other brands), corrugated plastic and aluminum composite sign material (DiBond or MaxMetal)

wooden barrel top with printWe also do a lot of direct printing on clear of colored acrylic and brushed steel or aluminum for architectural or directional signage. Mounted to a wall with a set of stand-offs (in chrome, brushed or satin metal as well as colored nylon), they make a handsome statement.

Laminated and Mounted Options Still have a Place

For longer term outdoor usage on more traditional materials (metal or MDO/MDF boards), we  still often apply an over laminate to protect the ink from scratches and further inhibit fading.  But for most purposes, the UV cured inks are durable enough without lamination.

Let us know if you have a challenging surface to print on.  There are limitations, of course, but don’t let your imagination be one of them!

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