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Wrap branding works great even on an older vehicle

MAY 18, 2013| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Fresh Truck Skin, and Presto! What’s Old is New Again!

A car or truck doesn’t need to be new to benefit from a full or partial wrap.  SpeedPro has re-wrapped previously wrapped vehicles, wrapped as an alternative to a paint job, and resuscitated some homely “veteran” vehicles to shiny, proud rides.

We recently wrapped a box truck for a MarissaDesigns company that specializes in home staging and remodeling.  They have a large box truck that was bought used, and still sported a rather noticeable impression left behind when the logo of the former owner – a well-known office supply company.  It was also faded, dinged and a bit splotchy – not the look they wanted, but still a good truck.  Rather than carrying around the ghost of the former owner, the truck now sports striking graphics on the sides, and the roll up door was kept simple with a print and cut partial wrap.

We’ll offer tricks to keep within budget

While keeping within a modest budget, the make-over was astounding.  Of course, when we wrap over dents or patches, they don’t disappear.  It’s a wrap, not body shop work after all.  But the difference and up-scaling is unmistakable. We work to keep the ghosting of any previous decals or vinyl lettering from being noticed. Sometimes a faded spot can be worked around with something bright and eye-catching that will distract.

So if you have a “well used” truck or car, don’t rule it out for a wrap.  Maybe that new skin is all it needs.  Call us at 650.596.3444 to learn more.

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