Office Wall Murals & Window Graphics – San Francisco Bay Area

Office Wall Murals & Window Graphics – San Francisco Bay Area

Office Graphics  – Big or Small!

Good news, wall murals and window graphics can meet most any budget; bigger (and more expensive) is not always better!  The key is how you use office graphics.  Take glass conference rooms, for example.  Full window coverage  can be overwhelming to both the people inside and outside.  A few simple bands or waves of color across each window can provide both privacy and a nice visual for the office.  The cost will depend on the material used and the total square feet. (Generally, large format printing in based on a square foot cost + installation).  So if you can maximize the impact of your conference room graphics and minimize the size and complexity, your windows graphics won’t break the bank.

The same goes for wall murals.  Assume you have an 9 ft. x 25 ft. wall that is screaming for color.  If you have a good budget, you may consider wrapping the entire wall.  But if you have a limited budget, you can get creative.  One option we frequently present to our clients is running a sectional wall mural the length of the wall.  For a wall at this size, we might recommend a 4 ft. tall band across the length of the wall.  This can have the same impact as a full mural and reduce your cost by more than 50%.  The key is being creative with the graphic band which could be as simple as a solid brand color with some text or a montage of relevant images.

Alternative Office Signage

In addition to wall murals and windows graphics there are other visual signage options that can bring life to your office.  Wayfinding signs can be a necessity for large offices.  With new materials and technology, wayfinding signs can be creative in their own right, adding some flare to a typically drab sign.  Dimensional letters  and shapes are other design/graphic elements that can enhance an office.  For short-term or long-term use, consider floor graphics and elevator wraps.

Inspire Your Staff and Clients!

Many offices can be dull and uninspiring which means your clients and staff won’t be inspired either.  Your office environment should reflect your culture and brand.  Put a budget together and hit up the boss.  Show him/her some big ideas and some simple cost-effective options.   If your victorious, the staff will cheer and bring you doughnuts every Friday!

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