Meet the Team


We invite you to get to know our SpeedPro Scottsdale team members. Here is a bit about who we are and what we like to do outside the studio.


–  Ann, Borg and the SpeedPro Scottsdale Team

Borg Siburg


Borg, as the President of the company,  is the operational efficiency and long range strategy guru of the business, skills he honed from his years as a consultant with Accenture and eCommerce Director at DHL. He is a graduate of the United State Military Academy (West Point) and holds an M.S. from the University of Arizona in Systems Engineering.

After eleven years of running SpeedPro Scottsdale, Borg has a depth of experience in the large format industry, from trade show displays to event signage and fleet wrap requirements. Give him a call to brainstorm a project.

In his free time he enjoys hiking, particularly the Grand Canyon, illustrated by the sixteen foot wall mural in our conference room.

Ann Siburg


Ann is co-founder of SpeedPro Scottsdale and has been involved in the sales and marketing side of the business. She has also been heavily involved in project management over the past eleven years, an expertise first developed by her years as an Army lieutenant and chemical engineer.

A favorite activity is to consult on future projects with clients so feel free to reach out to her for ideas. Ann also enjoys helping out non-profit groups when possible, particularly veterans organizations.

Ann holds a chemistry degree from Cal Poly and an MBA from Augusta State. In her free time, she likes to write and is in the editing stage of a novel of historical fiction.

Jon Comeau

Office Manager

Jon first came to SpeedPro Scottsdale in 2016 as a marketing assistant and quickly grew into a pivotal role within the studio. He is our office manager and keeps an eye on a lot of different areas within the organization, from clients needing estimates to when projects need to be completed and delivered.

For fun, Jon enjoys riding his motorcycle in his free time out in the countryside. Also, he has a film degree and can talk eloquently about the merits of old films. Lastly, we will end with some Trivia about Jon that explains why he has superb written communication skills; he scored a 750 on the written part of his SATs.

Wesley Hillman


Wesley is our “go to” person in production. When he started with us, he quickly took to running every single piece of equipment in our studio, from the main printers to the multi-cam router, even our hemming machine. His superb technical skills and strong work ethic have been a vital part of our production department.

He is married and is a new dad with a baby girl born last Fall. In his free time, he likes to “tinker” with anything that has moving parts. That fits because Borg’s nickname for him around the studio is “Go Go Gadget”. 


Shawn Hansen

Project Manager

Shawn is our installer and project manager. In those roles, he wears a number of different hats; he meets with clients, conducts site visits, installs graphics and helps production when they need an extra hand. He came to us from Chicago where he was the production manager at a sign shop.

Shawn has a hobby and side business of painting amazingly artistic designs on motorcycle helmets. Stop by his office some time and see a couple of his helmets; they are impressive.

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