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Exterior Window Graphics

FEBRUARY 26, 2021| SpeedPro of Scottsdale


Window Graphics

Looking for promotional real estate? Your exterior windows are one of your most effective promotional spaces. Exterior window graphics give you a chance to promote your company, provide customers with vital information and grab people’s attention.

Window graphics are made from types of vinyl film that cling or adhere to glass without damaging it. The type, size and style of the window graphics are all fully customizable.

There are various types of film that can be used in creating exterior window graphics:

  1. Transparent window films can be printed with graphics or text, and, when the graphic is applied to the window, only the printed portion is visible.
  2. Opaque films are not see-through. The graphics and text are printed on the film and any area that isn’t printed remains visible when the graphic is applied to the window.
  3. Perforated window films allow people to see out of a window, but not in. The exterior of the window is covered in a graphic, but the small holes in the film allow people on the inside of the building to see out.

Window graphics are also available in different styles:

  1. Vinyl letters can be cut in the font, type and size of your choice, and provide your customers with vital information (for instance, your hours of operation and your address).
  2. Large-impact graphics fill entire window spaces (high definition photos or artwork).
  3. Smaller graphics take up less space than an entire window.

Window graphics have many diverse uses, including:

  1. Window graphics can provide needed information to customers, including business hours, web address and phone number.
  2. Window graphics can showcase and feature your brand’s identity through use of business logos, slogans and photos showing your company’s products and services.
  3. Window graphics can also add an artistic flair to building faces or interiors. Artwork can evoke certain emotions, inspire certain throughts, and enhance the experience of your employees and customers.

Window graphics can deliver multiple benefits to your business. Some of those benefits include:

  1. Window graphics are flexible: Since window graphics are easily removable, you can change out the graphics more frequently.
  2. Window graphics provide built-in advertising: they can help people get a better understanding of who your company is and what it does.
  3. Window graphics command attention: people are more likely to notice a business that has a sign or graphics on its façade. Potential customers are more likely to visit or otherwise remember your company in the future.
  4. Window graphics are cost-effective: over time, window graphics cost less than other forms of advertising.
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