How to Get Your Business Clean and Ready for Reopening

MAY 25, 2020| SpeedPro of Scottsdale



You want to get your business back to normal revenues after weeks or months of sheltering in place. The challenge is that to do that, your staff and customers need to have confidence that the business is a safe environment.

Where does the preparation for reopening start?  What needs cleaning moderately and what needs to be especially disinfected?  What kind of signage is needed to keep staff and visitors feeling safe?  The prospect of covering all aspects of readiness for opening can be daunting, however these pointers will help navigate that path.

Develop a Cleaning Plan.

What surfaces and materials make up your business?

  1. According to the CDC, most surfaces and objects will just need normal routine cleaning.  Soap and water will clean most surfaces.  Printed graphics that are laminated can be lightly cleaned with soap and water.  Many wall graphics can also be cleaned with soapy water however always test a small area to be sure that the cleaning method is appropriate for the surface. 
  2. Frequently touched surfaces and objects like light switches and door knobs will need to be cleaned and then disinfected to further reduce the risk of germs on surfaces and objects.  A disinfectant recommended by the CDC is best.  The CDC also recommends a bleach solution as a disinfectant.  This can be made of ⅓ cup bleach to one gallon of water. Never use bleach on printed graphics as the ink will be damaged.
  3. As a general rule per the CDC, surfaces that have not been touched for seven days can be considered free of COVID. 


Determine what COVID related Safety and Social Distancing signage is needed.

  1. What social distancing signage is needed?  This can be in the form of floor decals placed 6 feet apart, giving a visual reference for the spacing between individuals.  Many businesses such as restaurants and post offices that have been partially open during the shutdown have used tape on the floor.  Branded decals have far better aesthetics!  Use this as an opportunity to reassure visitors with encouraging wording such as “We care about your safety, stay six feet apart”.
  2. Stand-alone signage serves as a safety awareness reminder to visitors and staff and also can be an updated message board for new directives such as mask requirements.
  3. Wall and bathroom decals can be specifically geared toward handwashing reminders or “cover your sneezes” requests.  Decals can be applied with either removable adhesive or a semi-permanent adhesive.  For surfaces where adhesive decals would be difficult to place, a simple printed sign with double-stick tape will work as well.
  4. Elevators, walls, break rooms, and wall foyers can all be used to remind staff and visitors that safety is of the highest priority.


Be flexible with the cleaning plan and signage requirements.

  1. Does the cleaning plan need adjusting?  Are there high touch areas that need added disinfecting?  Keep spray bottles of disinfectant handy.
  2. Are there any locations within the business that could use more safety signage such as in break rooms or delivery bays?  Add wall or floor decals as needed.

This COVID environment is going to take time to adjust to. Stay positive and stay safe.  Best wishes to all the businesses that are opening up.  You got this.


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