Local Restaurant Uses Window Graphics to Offset COVID Effect

JULY 7, 2020| SpeedPro of Scottsdale


Window Graphics
Eye catching contour cut text lets passersby know what is available.

Increase Sales During COVID Crisis

It is challenging enough to run a restaurant in normal times. Restaurants routinely compete with other restaurants for the patronage of the community and must find ways to differentiate their establishment from the others. The COVID-19 environment is adding a whole new layer of complexity to the challenge of increasing sales as the uncertain pandemic situation has reduced the number of dollars spent by the community at dine-in establishments.

According to insights gained from a restaurant survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, restaurants averaged a 78 percent reduction in sales in April. Many restaurants were able to open in May, however with the recent case surges, many communities are now slowing or stopping the reopening phases, further complicating restaurants’ push toward normalcy.


Draw Patrons Through On-site Window Graphics

Colorful imagery grabs the attention.

Tryst Café is proactively attracting new patronage by the strategic use of vibrant window graphics. The owner chose to fill most of the space on what had been an empty bank of windows that is easily observed by drive-by traffic. Contour cut-out text announces “Breakfast & Lunch” as well as “Dinner & Cocktails”. Colorful imagery shows off actual dishes and cocktails that are served at the Café. Passersby are treated to mouth watering images of everything from pancakes to burgers, cocktails and cheesecake.





Whether in the mood for pancakes or a cocktail, this image invites one to partake.

Partnering with Restaurants in the Community

At SpeedPro Scottsdale, to create the window graphics, we printed on 70/30 perforated window film. That means that 70 percent of the material is the printed vinyl and 30 percent is made up of holes. In this way, patrons can still see out the window while passersby see the imagery.

Window graphics will increase awareness in the community as well as increase patronage and sales. We stand ready to help your restaurant grow. Whether for window graphics on the exterior or signage on the inside, call us. We will brainstorm ideas with you and help your restaurant stand out from the competition.

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