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The Top 4 Tips That Keep a Wall Mural Looking Like New

NOVEMBER 13, 2020| SpeedPro of Scottsdale



A digitally printed wall mural is an excellent messaging tool for your business. It allows you to showcase a vibrant branding message that will stay in your clients’ minds long after they see it. It provides a personal touch, showcasing the products and services of your unique organization and promoting your particular culture.

Once the wall mural has been professionally applied, the wall mural will last for years to come. The question then becomes, how to clean the mural to keep it looking as vivid as it was originally, without damaging it? Cleaning the wall mural can also be helpful in these uncertain times. Clean surfaces help prevent the spread of illness.

There are various ways of maintaining the wall mural’s professional appearance.

A branded wall mural becomes a Head Penn focal point.
A branded wall mural in the workplace becomes a Head Penn focal point.

1. A Quick Dusting

The most fundamental cleaning method is dusting. Start by dusting the entire wall mural. This can be accomplished by using a duster with an extendable arm. A microfiber cloth can also be used. Pay special attention to the top and the bottom of the wall, as dust tends to accumulate in these hard-to-reach areas. Dusting the wall mural is a quick, easy and safe way to keep the mural looking as professional and vibrant as it was when originally installed.

2. A Protective Overlaminate

A hair salon gets an upgraded look with a wall graphic.

Keep in mind, a wall mural should be produced with a protective overlaminate. This makes cleaning much safer and allows water to be used in cleaning the mural. If the mural was produced without a laminate, just use a thorough dusting to clean.

3. Soap and Water

Moisten a lint-free cloth or sponge using the mild soap and warm water before cleaning the mural. Start at the top edges of the mural and work down from there. Be careful around the seams between panels. Image curling can occur if the seams are moistened and do not dry properly. When finished, use a second, dry lint-free cloth to remove all moisture from the mural’s surface.

It is always good practice to spot test the graphic in an inconspicuous location before cleaning the entire wall mural. Spot test somewhere that will be inconspicuous.


A Grand Canyon wall mural enhances a conference room wall
A Grand Canyon wall mural enhances a conference room wall

4. Stain Removal

For a deeper clean or for cleaning stains, begin with a lint-free cloth covered in a citrus-based cleaner. After wiping down with this cleaner, immediately follow up with a separate cloth covered in mild soap and warm water. Then dry as usual with a third dry lint-free cloth.

When attempting to clean stains on a wall mural, always avoid any products containing harsh chemicals, especially those containing bleach. Additionally, avoid scouring pads of any kind, as these can scratch the mural and permanently damage it.

A "Pink" branded wall mural covers an indoor retail construction site.
Even a construction site becomes branded when covered by a wall mural.

Have a Vision for a Wall Mural?

We will take your rough idea for a wall mural and add our expertise. We thrive on turning visions into reality in a way that surpasses expectations. Contact us for a free consultation. Visit our wall mural page for more information.

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