Access Control – COVID-19 Solutions A SpeedPro Imaging Services Group offering in conjunction with CSI Security Installations

Access Control – Fever Screening & Mask Detection

Temperature “Fever” Screening. +/- 0.6
degree F accuracy
Screen 1 person at a time
Access granted with facial recognition and/or contactless palm reading
Mask Detection will remind the visitor to wear a mask and can deny access until one is detected
Tablet is a replacement for card readers and works with electronic locks
Receive notifications via audible sound, visual monitor, and e-mail
Available in 8″ or 5″ screen
Wall mount or Pedestal/Kiosk

People with temperatures

Thermal Camera – Fever Screening & Facial Recognition

Temperature “Fever” Screening. +/-
0.54 degree F accuracy
Screen over 24 people simultaneously.
The fastest screening method we’re aware of Facial Recognition allows for tagging individuals for when they return Includes NVR (network video recorder) for playback and remote viewing, install multiple cameras at various locations and monitor simultaneously.
Receive notifications via audible sound, visual monitor, and e-mail
Installs on wall or on tripod

Turnstile with Fever Screening & Mask Detection

Turnstile + Access Control Tablet
Screen multiple visitors with multiple turnstiles
Deny access to visitors without a face mask and/or with a fever
Grant access via facial recognition and/or Palm reading for those enrolled
Receive notifications via audible sound, visual monitor, and e-mail
Many turnstile configurations available


Thermographic Handheld Camera

Temperature “Fever” Screening. +/- 0.9 degree F accuracy
Screen 1 person at a time
Receive notifications via audible sound and Bluetooth or WiFi to mobile device
View live on local PC via WiFi
3.5″ display screen
4-5 hour battery life
Hand-in-hand or mount on tripod

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But that doesn’t happen by accident. SpeedPro Imaging Services Group has been assisting businesses just like yours throughout New Jersey and New York to boost recognition, generate sales, and grow. Outdoor signage is a great strategy to employ.

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When people are out driving, walking along the sidewalks, or even sitting down for an afternoon latte, imagine your company’s logo, slick marketing slogan, and other details right in their presence.

They will remember. The more creative, colorful, and effective, the more it helps. SpeedPro Imaging Services Group provides:

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  • And more

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SpeedPro Imaging Services Group is the leading sign company throughout New Jersey and New York for a good reason. We pay attention to every detail. We also deliver on:

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