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Think about the last time you attended a large event. You probably felt highly engaged with all the elements surrounding you. You don’t just remember the highlight of the event, whether it was a live show or a sports game — you probably also remember specific moments like finding your seats in the stadium and walking around the concessions area. Didn’t these additional features add to your overall experience at the event?

At SpeedPro, we can transform your corporate events to create this same feeling for others. You don’t have to worry about being all business and highlighting only professionalism. With the right graphics and display features, you can have an event people leave feeling like every little element played a part in their enjoyable experience.

If your business in the Tri-State area is looking for help in setting up a corporate event, reach out to our studio now for a consultation!

We also do trade show displays, vendor signage and more!

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Set up Your Event With Style

Once we sit down for our consultation, we’ll pinpoint the areas in which your brand excels. How do you represent yourself, and are there any changes you wish to make? Do you want to focus on your business’s services and products at this event, or would you rather focus on the overall feeling and success? No matter how you answer, we’ll have a visual solution for you!
SpeedPro Totowa will bring your corporate event to life. We can do this in a number of ways, including the use of products like:

  • Backlit graphics
  • Banners
  • Directional signage
  • Floor decals
  • Retractable banners

We’ll start with directional signage because that tends to be the most important and crucial aspect of your event. Without directions, your guests will not know where to go. People would much rather be able to find things out for themselves than have to ask — posting signage around your event will give them the confidence they want. This signage can help your guests identify where speakers and presentations will be held, what kiosks are offering what, where the bathrooms are and which rooms or floors are off-limits.

Banners can be a super useful tool as well. Use them outside to make your venue known and allow people to easily find and navigate to it. Inside, your banners can be used for promotional purposes, branding your business and guiding people toward specific tables or rooms. They can also bring bold colors to an open floor or room.

Other event graphics can be used for decoration and guiding the attention of guests. Floor decals can lead people to specific rooms. Window graphics can share information with people passing by outside. Retractable banners can be set up at a check-in or reception desk to fully map out the day’s agenda.

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Our studio serves all businesses and organizations located in and around Passaic, Morris and Essex counties. If you’re worried about an upcoming corporate event, you can relax. Contact our studio to set up a consultation, and we’ll do the designing and work to make it your best event yet!

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