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Trucks are some of the most well-traveled vehicles in the country, and they’re hard to ignore when they barrel down highways, traverse cities and maneuver through small towns. Their sheer size and visibility make them excellent marketing opportunities, as you can transform your vehicles into fully functional, moving billboards with custom truck wraps.

SpeedPro Totowa has the technological capabilities and knowledge to create truck wraps that fully adorn your pickups, cubes or semis. Not only will they increase your brand exposure, but they’ll also make your trucks a point of conversation. We offer services to businesses located throughout northeastern New Jersey and New York City.

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Why Choose Vinyl Truck Wraps?

Wraps are plenty effective on more conventional vehicles, but their impact goes through the roof when they’re super-sized. A single vehicle wrap can produce between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions in one day, and a traveling semi might be able to double that with the proper graphics.

These products are well worth the investment for their impact on potential customers. About 97 percent of drivers have said that they’re more likely to take note of a business’ products and services if they saw them advertised on a vehicle graphic. Compare that to traditional billboards, which muster a frail 19 percent.

Wraps also offer up a good ROI, as they maintain the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions of any marketing method. They clock in at $0.70, which trumps both a primetime TV spot ($20.54 per 1,000 impressions) and a black and white newspaper ad ($11.66).

How Do We Make Our Custom Truck Wraps?

Whether you want to make an impact in the Big Apple or traverse the length of the country and back again, we’ll gladly take on any project you come to us with. Planning this process out can be stressful, but we’ll work with you closely to find the best strategy. We’ll discuss all the necessary details and specifications, and you’ll see that we’re a one-stop studio for everything related to business truck wraps.

We offer full and partial commercial truck wraps, and you can customize yours to reach and fascinate your target demographic.

Full wraps will cover every available inch of your truck’s surface to maximize your visibility, while partial truck wraps offer more cost-efficiency by sacrificing some space. You can also select from assorted materials, inks and laminates. Because we’re a partner of the nation’s biggest large-format graphics provider, all of our materials come from established industry leaders, so you can feel confident in their quality.

After we go through designing and surveying, we’ll plan out the installation phase, including a timeline, so that your wrap will be done by the time you need your truck out on the road again.

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