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Vehicle Wraps in Totowa

Sometimes you find yourself in your office, brainstorming new ways to get the word out about your business, and you realize you just can’t push yourself any further. You go home for the day, thinking that you’ll sleep on it and come in tomorrow with the answer. And then it hits you as you’re driving home stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic — why not try vehicle advertising?

When you decide on custom vehicle wraps, the number of impressions made and received while driving your vehicle will far exceed what you invest in the service. So why wouldn’t you dress up your vehicle a bit? Vehicle wrapping is a highly effective and efficient way to promote your business wherever you are, attracting customers for miles.

If your business or organization is located around the Passaic, Morris and Essex counties, give our studio a call. We’d love to further discuss the various options that come with vehicle advertising. Let’s get started today!

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Custom Partial and Full Vehicle Wraps

At SpeedPro Totowa, we pride ourselves in creating and delivering solutions that will last. All of our custom vehicle wraps are produced with our vinyl material, ensuring a long-lasting life. You can choose a lot of coverage or a little bit, but paired with the right adhesive, you could be branding your business for years. Now that’s a lot of overall exposure!

We offer a variety of different coverage options for vehicle advertising, including:

  • Fleet wraps
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps
  • Spot graphics

Fleet wraps are designed for companies who host and transport multiple trucks or vans in a day. You can cover your entire fleet of vehicles with our custom wraps, ensuring that your whole team is uniform and carrying the same message. Your fleet wrap can include your business’s name, slogan, contact information or logo. That way, when your fleet goes on the road to deliver product or transport equipment, you’ll have a group of trucks all representing the same company. Anyone driving by will surely take notice of your design and remember your name.

With standard trucks, minivans, SUVs and cars, you can choose from our partial and full wrap options. The process for both of these wraps is the same — the key difference is how much coverage you’re comfortable with having on your car.

A full vehicle wrap will completely cover your side panels, windows, hood, roof and back bumper. This coverage creates a bold statement, boasting our vivid inks and eye-catching visual graphics. Otherwise, you can choose a partial vehicle wrap, which will cover particular segments of your car, such as the windows or side panels.

The choice is up to you in determining which coverage option you’d prefer. If you’re a new business owner and you don’t have a lot of branding yet, choosing a full vehicle wrap will help boost your company’s visibility and get you started in receiving impressions and interest. If you’re an established business that already has a lot of promotional and branding ventures, and you’re looking at vehicle advertising as an extra push, you might choose just the partial wrap. You’ll still be making impressions, but it may not be as far-reaching as a totally covered vehicle.

Vehicle Advertising in the Tri-State Area

Think vehicle advertising might be the next adventure for you? Contact SpeedPro Totowa today. We’d love to go over our options with you in full during a one-on-one consultation. Schedule a consultation and let’s start getting the word out about your business!

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