How Wall Murals Can Help Propel Business Design

APRIL 6, 2021| SpeedPro Shawnee

Wall murals for businesses are some of the best marketing and decorative devices you can add to your company’s facilities. Many businesses use wall murals, from sports teams and media companies to restaurants and gyms, making them some of the most popular types of graphics around. Wall murals are so popular because they can improve a company’s branding, create more exciting workspaces, build a more inviting atmosphere, and market products or services.

To give you some examples of wall murals’ successful usage, learn more about the various industries that rely on them to improve the appearance of their facilities and raise brand awareness.

9 Industries that Can Benefit from Wall Murals [list]


Wall murals are critical to many companies’ marketing and branding efforts, allowing them to place high-quality imagery in their facilities. Businesses can place murals indoors or outdoors, so they have a lot of flexibility in where to feature their murals. If you’re looking for wall mural ideas for businesses, check out some of the ways top industries utilize wall murals at their facilities:


Many sports teams rely on wall murals to improve the look of their facilities and generate team spirit. A team can highlight their star players with a wall mural, placing images of them in action across their facility’s walls. Teams regularly install these murals on their facilities’ exterior or at entranceways to get people excited to see their favorite players hit the court or field.

Additionally, many facilities like to install indoor wall murals with shots of their entire team, coaching staff, and team logos. These images can brand a facility as the team’s home, raising team spirit among their fanbase and players. Advertising with wall murals at facilities is another popular option, as teams can display their sponsors’ messaging or logos in an eye-catching form.


Fitness centers and gyms regularly install wall murals behind their front desks and throughout their facility to brand the space and create a positive atmosphere for clients. When clients first check-in at the front desk, a fitness center can have a wall mural behind it, greeting clients and displaying branded imagery. Gyms can also install murals around their workout equipment. These wall murals can feature motivational messages and other atmospheric images to inspire fitness motivation.


Wall murals excel at displaying products and services, making them perfect for auto shops and car dealerships. For instance, a car dealership can place temporary wall murals on their sales floor featuring images of the latest vehicles buyers can purchase or information about the dealership’s newest deals or financing offerings. At an auto shop, a wall mural can highlight the services the shop provides and deals they’re currently offering to customers. Either kind of business can use wall murals to brand their facility and spread awareness.


Production and media companies can outfit their buildings with wall murals to increase brand awareness and tell a story about their company. For example, many production companies own property in high-traffic areas. These areas give them an excellent opportunity to increase public awareness about the company by placing wall murals with branded imagery on the building’s exterior.

Many media companies also give tours to the public and want to create an environment where staff members know the company’s past accomplishments. A great way to communicate milestones and achievements is through wall murals that tell a story. Companies can deliver a consistent narrative with multiple wall murals by using images and text that highlight their company’s past media products and awards.


Movies theaters and cinemas can benefit from temporary wall murals to advertise the newest movies playing. When placed outdoors, these murals can attract new customers who might just be passing by. Indoors, wall murals can advertise upcoming films, with promotional images and information about a movie’s release date. Permanent wall murals can also make the interior of a theater more attractive and improve its atmosphere.


Wall murals are a trendy option at many tech companies, especially for those with open floor plans. By employing wall murals in an open office space, a tech company can visually separate sections of the room and call attention to different departments working in the same area. Additionally, many tech companies enjoy using wall murals to improve the appearance of their office space. Wall murals with attractive images and company logos can make a company’s workspace more inviting and pleasant for employees.

Even if you don’t operate a tech company, wall murals can be perfect for many office spaces, as they can beautify the space and deliver information about a company’s values. For example, offices can place wall murals down well-traveled corridors or in conference rooms to showcase graphics related to its values. When staff members see these murals, they’re more likely to retain the company’s values and buy into them in their daily work.


Many schools and colleges use wall murals to improve their campus’s atmosphere and make the space more attractive to students. These wall murals can be themed to different buildings or departments, with specific imagery representing the academic field or a particular grade. Schools can also install wall murals with images of their mascot and other school-specific graphics to create more school pride among the student body.


You can find many health care facilities, such as hospitals and doctor’s offices, outfitted with wall murals. These facilities regularly place wall murals at the entry points to welcome patients and deliver information about where they should go depending on their needs. Additionally, health care facilities can raise staff morale by highlighting key staff members and praising their health care workers for their service.


Wall murals are perfect in public parks, as they can be installed on the outside of facilities to beautify the space. For example, park officials can install wall murals celebrating their community and highlighting various initiatives.

Additionally, theme parks can add wall murals throughout their park to draw people into the park’s overall theme and give them something attractive to look at while they wait for rides. Like theme parks, zoos can employ wall murals to beautify their facilities and key areas. They can also use wall murals to draw people to specific exhibits and better brand the zoo.


With all of the ways wall murals can aid companies, you might be interested in employing them yourself. As the nation’s leader in large format imagery, SpeedPro is ready to provide you with exceptional wall murals to improve your facility’s appearance and branding, no matter the industry. Our clients love how we take the time to understand their vision for a project and bring it to reality.

Take a moment to learn more about how SpeedPro can produce high-quality wall murals for your business. If you’re ready to invest in wall murals, contact SpeedPro Shawnee to speak with a friendly representative about your needs.

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