Mirrors: Forgotten Advertising Real Estate

JUNE 15, 2022| SpeedPro Shawnee

Many businesses use mirrors in one form or another. Hairdressers and barbershops have mirrors at each station, clothing stores have them in dressing rooms, and eyeglass retailers have them around the store to ensure customers like the way they look in their new eyewear. Whatever the business, mirrors look great and provide plenty of functional options. Unfortunately, most companies don’t take advantage of the many advertising opportunities mirrors present.

If you want to take full advantage of your company’s mirrors, learn more about why decals are perfect for them and how you can use mirrors for several different applications.


Many businesses employ mirrors throughout their stores or facilities to beautify the space and improve the ambiance. Most mirrors also have more practical uses, such as at clothing stores for customers to see how they look in an outfit or at the gym so clients can see if they’re lifting weights in the proper form. Businesses with mirrors in their space can get even more use out of them by adding vinyl decals.

To help brand your store, you can customize a decal’s color, opacity, and shape, placing the finished product on a mirror. Additionally, businesses can install decals with specialized text to encourage customers to take action or increase their awareness about the information you want them to know. Due to their customizability, you can employ them for several purposes, giving you plenty of options when you want to upgrade a mirror’s appearance.

Like window cling advertising decals, you can easily apply vinyl decals to a mirror’s glass surface. Even vinyl decals that come with a flexible adhesive backing are simple to install and remove. These vinyl films are thin and designed for flawless application on smooth surfaces. Since they don’t usually require professional installation or removal, you can quickly swap them out whenever you want to switch out old vinyl decals for new ones.


Since vinyl decals pair excellently with mirrors, you can use them throughout your store or facility for various purposes. Many businesses place decals on their mirrors to promote current deals and specials, with some even adding QR codes for greater customer engagement. Additionally, companies often place attractive decals on their mirrors to spread brand awareness in their store and on social media.

Find out more about the main ways you can use mirrors more effectively:


Mirrors offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to add decals promoting sales and discounts. For example, advertising on mirrors is very popular in clothing stores. These businesses regularly offer special deals, such as two pairs of jeans for the price of one. While a customer browses the store and checks out shoes or other pieces of clothing in the mirror, a decal can encourage them to take advantage of the deal, boosting sales as a result.

Alongside encouraging buyers to take advantage of a deal, many businesses can use mirror decals to inform buyers about the length of a sale or the time of a special event. These decals can also come in attractive designs and colors to draw customers’ attention, and spread awareness about a product, promotion, or special.

Motown, Courvoisier & Lyft step and repeat banner2. ENCOURAGE SELFIES

Increasing social media engagement is crucial to today’s businesses, and mirrors offer an excellent opportunity to increase your online presence. Like step and repeat banners used at events, you can employ mirrors to inspire customers to take pictures. Whether a customer wants to show off their latest outfit or document their progress at a gym, mirrors give them a great photo opportunity they can share on social media. When you place decals on your mirror, you can turn customers’ photos into free marketing for your business.

Many companies like to install decals on their mirrors with logos and other imagery to increase their brand awareness. When a customer shares a picture of themselves in front of your mirror on social media, their followers will see your decals, raising brand awareness at no cost to you. Additionally, if you have any specials or deals listed on the mirror, a photo with a decal can inspire a customer’s followers to come to the store and make a purchase.


Another advertising opportunity for mirrors is to use them to display Quick Response (QR) codes. Customers can scan these codes with their smartphones, with the code linking them to various online resources. Essentially, these codes allow you to connect your print signage to your digital resources. Since buyers are likely to look at mirrors while browsing, a prominently displayed QR code will stand out to them.

One of the most popular uses of mirror QR codes is to link customers to discounts and coupon codes. Advertising for retail often includes QR codes that encourage customers to make a purchase and share their contact information with the store. Other businesses place QR codes on mirrors to connect customers to their company’s social media pages, making it easy for them to follow the business. Whatever you want to link to, a QR code can make it happen.


Making buyers connect with your business and think of you first when they need a product or service starts with improving your brand awareness. Decals placed on mirrors throughout your facility or store’s interior can feature brand-friendly logos, designs, colors, and text. All of these elements can highlight your brand and make customers more aware of your company’s unique qualities.

Since you likely have multiple mirrors throughout your building, don’t let their free real estate go to waste by leaving them empty. By installing attractive decals on your mirrors, you can make your space more inviting to customers, subtly encouraging them to visit your business again. An appealing building, complete with high-quality decals on mirrors, increases the chances people make positive associations with your brand and trust you in the future.


Since mirror decals are an essential piece of large and small business advertising and decoration, you might be interested in adding them to your mirrors. At SpeedPro, we have you covered. We regularly provide clients with custom decals to place on mirrors to upgrade their store or facility. No matter your needs, we’re ready to partner with you to produce high-quality decals.

If you’re ready to add decals to your mirrors, contact SpeedPro Shawnee today. One of our expert representatives will be happy to help you bring your vision to life.


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