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FEBRUARY 25, 2021| SpeedPro Shawnee


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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, safely opening schools is a top concern of educators, parents, and government health officials. While safety training and education are crucial before opening, schools still need to remind students to follow the best COVID-19 prevention practices after in-person classes start. Signs and graphics are well-suited for this task, as they draw attention to themselves and can be outfitted with critical safety information.

Learn more about the importance of COVID-19 signage and the top signage options schools have to choose from as they look to reopen.


Having COVID-19 signage around schools is critical for safety. As more schools begin to hold classes in-person rather than remotely, keeping students and teachers distanced and informed on safety procedures is crucial. COVID-19 signs and graphics help accomplish these goals by displaying information about the best practices for preventing coronavirus spread. Whether you want to promote the use of hand sanitizers, remind students to wear masks, or showcase proper social distancing practices, COVID-19 signage can help you meet all these goals.

What Coronavirus signs do schools need? [list]


You can find several different coronavirus signage types in schools designed to improve the safety of the campus. Many of these signs reinforce safety rules, reminding students and teachers of best practices for COVID-19 prevention throughout their day. You can find signs designed to reduce virus spread, such as partition walls and hand sanitizer stations, and others crafted to share information, such as vinyl banners and digital signs.

Here are some of the most popular types of COVID-19 signage for schools:


While social distancing is important, you may want to add partitions and sneeze guards to your school. These safety screens can be made out of clear acrylic to prevent germs from spreading without obstructing sightlines, especially if someone coughs or sneezes. They’re commonly found around teacher desks, between cafeteria tables, and across reception counters.

Safety screens are especially popular in classrooms as they can help keep a teacher protected from coronavirus droplets their students might be spreading. These safety screens can even be placed around student desks to help prevent the spread of the virus among the student body. Cafeterias and faculty lounges are also great places for them, as students and staff need to remove their masks to eat.


With guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stressing the importance of proper handwashing even outside of a pandemic, you may want to include signs and graphics in your bathrooms that explain correct handwashing techniques. Handwashing signs can be installed near bathroom counters and mirrors to reinforce best handwashing practices.

Hand sanitizer stations are another popular addition to schools. These stations dispense hand sanitizer to students and staff and reduce the spread of germs on door handles and devices students and teachers share throughout the school. Signage is often attached to the hand sanitizer stations to draw attention to them and remind students to use them regularly. The stations are free-standing and can be installed throughout the school, such as in the cafeteria, throughout the lobby and outside classrooms.


Vinyl banners are weather resistant and can be hung outdoors over your school’s entrances and other relevant locations to grab students’ attention. Since the banners are so eye-catching, they can be excellent for displaying safety information, such as reminders to socially distance and put on a mask before entering the school. These banners can also have school graphics and imagery to help raise school spirit and send safety messages to your student body.


You can place banner stands close to the entrance of your school or in front of your classrooms. Choose specific graphics describing safety practices or more general information encouraging students to take the virus seriously. Since these banners come in a lightweight package, you can move them around easily and place them in new locations as needed.


Any school planning to reopen is likely concerned about reminding students to socially distance themselves and keep them at appropriate distances from each other. Social distancing signage and graphics help to address these concerns by reminding students to stay 6 feet apart. These signs can even provide students with a visual representation of how far they should be standing from one another.

Customizable floor decals are one of the most popular forms of social distancing signage, as they excel at displaying proper social distancing and feature eye-catching designs. They’re often installed in cafeterias to showcase where students should be standing as they wait for their food. You can also place these decals throughout your school’s hallways and stairwells, reminding students to maintain distance as they go to and from classes.


Many students, parents, staff, and teachers drive to school each day. If your school wants to keep people more spaced out in the parking lot or have students and faculty entirely separated, parking lot signs can be a great addition. These signs ensure people know where their appropriate parking lot is and how far they need to park from one another.

Additionally, parking lot signage is also important if you have specific entrances for different grades, teachers, and staff members. These signs can guide people to the parking lot closest to their designated entrance area. Parking lot signs can also remind parents to stay at certain distances while dropping off or picking up children. For temporary parking lot signage, you may want to select A-frames. If you want something more permanent, large outdoor signs might be a better option.


Digital signage is a great option for schools, especially since regulations will likely change as more people are vaccinated. A great advantage to digital signage is that you can change the sign’s messaging with a computer. A digital sign can also be set to display one slide, or it can shuffle through several, allowing you to showcase multiple messages if you want to. You can place these signs in the lobby and in classrooms to provide students with the most up-to-date health and safety practices.


Start your semester right by outfitting your school with high-quality COVID-19 signage. As a nationwide leader in large-format printing, SpeedPro has the expertise necessary to craft signage that keeps students and teachers informed on the proper practices for preventing coronavirus spread at your school. We carry a wide selection of coronavirus signage that you can customize to your school’s colors and graphics, helping you keep students safe in style.

If you’re ready to add school safety signs for the coronavirus pandemic, Contact SpeedPro Shawnee today to speak with a qualified representative.

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