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AUGUST 12, 2021| SpeedPro Shawnee


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School is out. Family reunions are in full swing. The grill is fired up and the beach homes are filled to the brim with vacationers. It’s summertime – for many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the peak of daydreaming inside office buildings across the country.

July, not surprisingly, is National Anti-Boredom Month. Connecting the dots doesn’t take a Ph.D. It’s hard to stay focused on the task at hand as the summertime doldrums settle in (in fact, workplace productivity drops 20%). That’s where SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted interior graphics provider, steps in. Let us help you fight boredom in your office with awe-inspiring visual displays that will keep the mind active, the ideas flowing, and the productivity strong.

Boredom can creep quickly inside a workplace. It can be mentally draining to be productive when summertime vacation is just around the corner…or if you’re just coming back from vacation…or if your favorite cubicle neighbor is off and away. No matter the scenario, the last place many of us want to be on a bright, sunny July day is stuck inside in the office.

In addition to SpeedPro’s game-changing interior graphics, here are 4 ways to overcome boredom at work, presented by

  1. Change your commute: Start and end your day in a different way by making changes to your commute. You should even consider a new mode of transportation if possible.
  2. Find a new way to work: Shake things up at the office by changing how things get done. Re-arrange when you complete your favorite tasks. Start interacting with coworkers face to face as opposed to via email and instant messaging.
  3. Get and set a goal: Identify a goal and set an “achieve by” date for it
  4. Switch your seat: Change your outlook at the office by changing your office—literally. Switching desks with a neighboring coworker can offer a fresh perspective.

Let’s elaborate further on the final point about offering a fresh perspective. The cure to boredom is curiosity. How can you spark curiosity within the confines of your office space? SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted interior graphics provider, can help you do so by providing vivid graphics that will stimulate curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity.

Mood rings aren’t just a childhood item. Color changes how we feel and interact while at work. Consider this anecdote from Entrepreneur Magazine:

“A recent University of Texas study found that bland gray, beige, and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women. Men, on the other hand, experienced similarly gloomy feelings in purple and orange workspaces.  Similar scientific studies have shown that colors don’t just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity, for better and for worse. That’s why it’s best to decorate your workplace with a vibrant medley of stimulating hues that increase output and spark creativity.”

Science tells us colors are the way to go. But we at SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted interior graphics provider, don’t settle for the simple. We like it BOLD. So, let’s crank up the office interior decorating a few notches by displaying graphics that will leave your employees mesmerized and clients in awe.

  • Window GraphicsOur studio owners have the capability to show off what customers see on your windows from the exterior. But our solutions also allow a story to be told on your windows for those inside looking out! Whether it’s a short-term cling or a permanent decal, we’re there to help you get what you need.
  • Wall Murals: These colorful display graphics can transform any space with vivid colors while not only conveying your message or brand to customers but also reemphasizing it to employees.
  • Indoor SignageSpeedPro produces a full range of custom signage. Coordinated wall and floor graphics that provide motivational quotes? We can do that! Single-day signs that direct employees to the ice cream social? We’ll make sure they all POP off the walls!
  • Decals: This fresh and vibrant method of advertising draws the eye and gets noticed. It’s another quick and vibrant option to change up your office workspace.
  • Elevator Wraps: Communicate your brand or even your summertime theme in big, bold graphics. Transform an ordinary elevator into art in motion that will create a buzz in the building and leave employees in a good mood as they depart for the day.

Summertime is here, but let’s freeze out the boredom. Consult with SpeedPro Shawnee to determine the best course of action to take part in national anti-boredom month.  There’s nothing boring about what we have planned for you! Find us online at or give us a call at (913) 441-7955 to get started.

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