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5 Design Tips For Location Branding

APRIL 20, 2017| SpeedPro Silver Spring

Part of a smart marketing mix is to include site specific branding.  Whether at a trade show, at a sponsored event, for building signage or for vehicle graphics, deciding on the right approach is important. From small-scale mesh banners to large-scale vehicle wraps, the options are almost limitless. Determining the impression your brand will convey is essential. 

1. Keep Your Name and Logo Prominent

Your logo is one of the first things your customers will see and associate with you. Make sure it’s visible. You don’t want potential customers to  look at a fantastic graphic without knowing the company.

2) Ensure the Design Style Fits Your Brand Image

Different companies want different graphic ideas to represent them. For example, a food company that focuses on using simple ingredients should convey that message through their vehicle or trade show graphics.

Choose a vehicle wrap or trade show booth that is visually clean and clear.

3) Less is More (at least in general)

Remember the goal is to get a customer to recognize and remember your brand. Don’t clutter your graphic with pictures that take away from this overall goal. 

Customers only spend a few seconds looking at your printed graphic, so use them wisely.

4) Keep Text at Eye Level

You don’t want your customers squatting down or looking up at the sky to see what your graphic says. When a customer has to work just to see what your graphic says, they won’t associate positive experiences with your brand. And some of them may miss the message altogether.

5) Determine Where You Want to Place The Graphic

Whether its placed indoors or outdoors makes a big difference. Different material types and ink respond differently to the sun, wind, and rain.

At SpeedPro – Silver Spring, we’re always happy to consult on the best media, substrates and laminates to fit your budget and intended use.


The SpeedPro staff take pride in working closely with our clients to meet and exceed expectations. SpeedPro isn’t a print shop. We’re a specialized imaging studio focused exclusively on display graphics and large format print production using only the best technology along with the highest quality materials. 

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