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Fleet Wrap Case Study: Unique Cleaning Solutions

DECEMBER 7, 2017| SpeedPro Silver Spring


Angel Rivera, owner of Unique Cleaning Solutions, had a growing and highly regarded business. He wanted to get extra exposure with potential customers and turned to SpeedPro Silver Spring to put graphics on his 11 company vehicles.

Rivera knew that vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective ways of sharing information on a business. As the cars were driving around town, or parked at a client’s house, other drivers and neighbors would see the cars and call for a quote or to schedule cleaning.

He had a design that incorporated three key elements:                                                                        

  1. The name, logo and colors of Unique Cleaning Solutions,
  2. Contact information so people seeing the car would know how to get in touch,
  3. Information on the many awards the company has achieved on Angie’s List and their partnership with “Cleaning for a Reason.”

SpeedPro was faced with a couple unique challenges. While all the cars were green, each was a slightly different color of green and each car was also a different make/model/year. And like all SpeedPro clients, UCS wanted the cars off the road the shortest time possible.

SpeedPro went to Unique Cleaning Solutions location when all the cars were there and measured each car individually to ensure the graphics would fit each car correctly. We adjusted the design to fit each car. Since the cars were slightly different shades of green, SpeedPro and Unique Cleaning  chose one green that would look great with all the cars. These steps ensured each car would look fantastic while keeping an eye on the budget for UCS.

The back windows of the cars had information on the many awards for Unique Cleaning Solutions – that’s a great space for information that gets seen anytime a car is stopped at a light. SpeedPro uses “window perf” on the windows, which allows people outside the car to see the image while allowing the driver to see through the back window. Before printing the window vinyl, we tested the “perf” to be sure the awards would show crisply. Rivera approved all decisions made.

SpeedPro printed the graphics on premium material and laminated them for UV protection and to ensure excellent durability. Finally the individual components were cut out to be ready to apply to each car.

Cars were brought in individually to minimize time off the road. Three cars a day were installed with graphics. Since the initial group of cars, Unique Cleaning has added cars to their fleet. We have adapted the design to these cars, and to a black car as well.

The cars have attracted attention across the DC metro area and have led to increased business for Unique Cleanings.

It is our pleasure to help Angel Rivera and Unique Cleaning Solutions grow their marvelous company. If you’d like to explore a single vehicle wrap or a wrap of your entire fleet, please reach out to us here:

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