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MAY 29, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring



Do you want a sophisticated look for windows? Privacy with light? Clear branding? Frosted vinyl may be your solution.

Here are some examples of recent work, each of which uses frosted vinyl in a different way. We are happy to discuss options to achieve the look you want!

Frosted vinyl can be used to provide privacy while letting in light. These windows provide clear branding and directional guidance as well.

Design by Reimers Design Studio

These windows were done for Children’s Hospital in DC to provide a comforting atmosphere for families in the hematology department.

Design by Schwa Design Group

Frosted vinyl can be combined with areas of lettering on clear glass to provide directional guidance, information and privacy–and to fit in with all branding.

Frosted vinyl can also be cut to show logos and other design elements.

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