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NFC smart signs are one of the latest offerings from SpeedPro and are revolutionizing the way businesses connect the worlds of print and digital for their clients and customers.

What is NFC Smart Signage?

An NFC smart sign is named after the near-field communication (NFC) chip it contains. On the surface, these signs will look like any other sign. It could be a decal on a window, a small tabletop sign or a large freestanding display

When a person holds their smartphone near the sign, the chip communicates with their phone to pull up a website of your choice. For those with smartphones with NFC capability (most recently produced smartphones), no further assistance is required to access the link. Some older smartphones need an additional app to interact with NFC signage.

Benefits of NFC Signage

NFC signs offer some advantages for businesses looking to use new signage to improve both customer and employee experiences. These signs:

  • Merge your print and digital marketing efforts.
  • Allow you to update or change the landing page whenever you want.
  • Connect customers to a page quickly and automatically.
  • Work in a completely touchless way.

Uses for NFC Smart Signs

There are limitless options for unlocking smart signs’ potential for enhancing your marketing efforts and making your business a more connected space. Here are 10 NFC smart sign ideas for a variety of business types to get you started.

  1. Real Estate Signs
  2. Self- Guided Tours
  3. Touchless Menus
  4. Conference Check-ins and Info
  5. Trade Show Marketing
  6. Product Info in Retail Stores
  7. Wayfinding Signs in Malls and Complexes
  8. Informational Signage in Waiting Rooms
  9. Schedule of Events
  10. Social Media Connections

See here for more information on touchless menus.

Interactive Signage From SpeedPro Silver Spring

SpeedPro is leading the way with NFC smart signage and other forms of interactive, innovative displays. If you want to engage your audience in new ways, consider creating NFC signs that use one of the ideas above or capitalize on your own ideas for improving communication with your customers.

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