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JUNE 6, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring


STAND OUT at Trade Shows, Conferences and Events
Trade shows, conferences and events offer a chance for YOU to STAND OUT from the crowd. It’s important to have a professional look for all your graphics as the quality of your graphics reflects directly on you and your company.
For many events a simple presentation, professionally put together, is all that’s needed.
Here we show some ways to build a presence for your brand.
Where Do We Start?
1) Start with something that has a little height to make you visible as people walk around. One or two upright banners (also known as “retractable banners”) can really make you stand out. These can be reused at future events.
2) A table throw is great too. You can get one with your logo on the front so it’s usable over many events and years.
3) You can also add something to the table to create height and interest there. Something sturdy with an easel on the back can work well.
With some combination of these items, you have what you need for a smaller trade show or local event.
Retractable Banners, Table Throw and Easel Backs Make This Trade Show Booth Stand Out
What If I Need More?
For a bigger event you can get an 8’x8′ “pop up” or add more retractable banners to your display.
    You can also add retractables to a pop-up (as seen in the photo below, which has the same pop-up as shown above) or, if you started with the retractables, you can add a pop-up.

Pop-Up With Added Retractable Banners & Table Throw

Working this way allows you to build a presence that fits the events you are attending. It also allows you flexibility to use the same pieces again and again and to add to them if an event warrants that.

If you’re looking for something more complex from the start, we do that too.
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