Why Vehicle Wraps?

OCTOBER 7, 2020| SpeedPro Silver Spring



Top 5 Reason to Wrap Your Fleet

5- Protect Your Vehicles: The vinyl material used to wrap a vehicle is weather-resistant and can protect a vehicle from wear and tear.

4- Cost Less Per Impression: Vinyl vehicle wraps tend to cost much less than other forms of advertising. The cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM, or cost per mile) of a TV ad during prime time is around $25, a newspaper print ad is $30 and the CPM of a radio ad is approximately $10. The CPM of a vehicle wrap is around $0.77.

3- Spur People to Action: Nearly 70% of people say that outdoor ads such as wrapped vehicles have influenced a purchasing decision. Repeat exposure helps—nearly 60% of people will buy a product after seeing an outdoor advertisement five times.

2- Improve Brand Recognition: You want potential customers to recognize and remember your brand. Vehicle wraps are 15 times more likely to increase people’s recognition of a brand.

1- Reach More Customers: The average commuter spends about 42 hours per year in traffic – plenty of time to notice the moving billboard sitting in the lane next to them. Vehicle wraps have the ability to reach 95% of the population.

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