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Floor Graphics Can Help Your Customers Stay Safe

JUNE 1, 2020| SpeedPro South Jersey



In the blink of an eye, the novel coronavirus has changed life as we know it. Schools are closed, and students are distance learning. Many adults are now working from home. Restaurants have shifted to take-out only.  And many small businesses have shut their doors during state-mandated lockdowns to help reduce the spread.

Now, with much of the country thinking about cautious ways to get the economy back up and running, it’s the perfect time to prepare your small business.

What measures can you put into place to increase employee and customer safety as you reopen?

Social Distancing Saves Lives

The CDC confirms that limiting face-to-face contact is the best way to avoid becoming sick with COVID-19 and states that the virus is most contagious when groups of people are within about six feet of one another for extended periods. People who have coronavirus (but do not yet show symptoms) can infect others when they cough, sneeze or talk by sending respiratory droplets into the air.

Social distancing – the practice of physically distancing yourself at least six feet from others – decreases the risk of contracting coronavirus. Studies have shown that infected respiratory droplets typically do not travel over six feet.

Floor Graphics Help with Social Distancing

Floor graphics have traditionally been used indoors and out to promote brands or highlight sales and specials. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a crucial new use for these eye-catching decals, though – as life-saving social distancing markers.

Many essential businesses and medical facilities have already embraced the use of floor graphics to encourage social distancing. You, too, can do your part to keep guests six feet apart by installing floor graphics anywhere lines might form or by using them to highlight where people should walk.

For example, if you’re limiting the number of people allowed inside your establishment at one time, floor graphics might go on the sidewalk outside to mark where to wait. Inside, you could use floor graphics to show where to stand while checking-out or when picking up pre-placed digital orders.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to best use floor graphics – we know every business is unique. That’s why at SpeedPro South Jersey, we’re trained in all the options – from indoor carpets to smooth flooring, concrete to asphalt and more. Regardless of your requirements, we have the inventory and experience to guide you to the best solution.

We also offer specialty non-slip laminates that meet national standards ratings and adhesive print media designed for durability that can last from a few days to six months and beyond.

Plus, we know it’s never been more critical to move quickly. We’re working around the clock to fulfill orders and offer speedy shipping with no sacrifice to the high-end quality you can always expect.

At SpeedPro South Jersey, we’re proud to support your efforts to recover and reopen with floor graphics that help your customers stay safe. Call us today to get your opening strategy started at 856.302.6459.

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