Small Business Generate Local Brand Awareness

Three Easy Ways to Help Your Small Business Generate Local Brand Awareness

MAY 4, 2020| SpeedPro South Jersey

The past few years were some of the strongest on record for small businesses, with a booming economy and profitability at a seven-year high. However, the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that began in mid-February has changed the landscape in unimaginable ways for most companies.

Reports state that 15 percent of business owners believe marketing and advertising are challenging for them, even in a healthy climate. Fast-forward to today, and we can all probably agree that it’s more challenging than ever. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right partner and game plan, building keen brand awareness locally is still possible. And the good news is that it can be both beneficial and budget-friendly.

To help, we put together a list of the best three ways your small business can generate a lot of buzz for a small investment, even in these challenging times.

Invest in Impactful Exterior Signage 

Driving new business is a big part of many well thought out marketing plans, and updating your exterior signage is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that. According to FedEx, nearly eight in ten consumers choose whether to enter a store they’ve never visited before based solely on its sign.

Well-designed window signage shines a light on your location and is a cost-effective way to grab the attention of potential customers. Done right, it lets them know who you are and what your small business has to offer. Besides encouraging foot traffic, effective exterior signage works hard to generate brand awareness through visual repetition and word-of-mouth.

Form Local Partnerships and Give Back to Your Community 

Consumers’ desire to “buy local” from businesses that share their values continues to grow stronger, and there’s little doubt that small businesses make up a vital part of the landscape. By strengthening the economy and creating jobs, small businesses are a welcomed addition to the communities they serve. Leverage that strength to increase your presence. It’ll go far to help develop brand awareness and, ultimately, loyalty.

Research stakeholders that might share a mutual interest in partnering up for a cause. Good places to start include schools, charities, sports teams, and your local chamber of commerce. When you get more involved by establishing yourself as a pillar of the community, you not only have the chance to do good and give back, but it’s another cost-effective way to bring local attention to your brand.

Grow Your Online Presence 

Face time with your customers is always a great way to give a significant boost to your business. In these uncertain times, though, your online brand might be just as critical – often taking the place of in-person visits. Make sure that your customers can expect just as great an experience when they interact with you online by growing your digital footprint.

Building a warm, genuine online community around your brand doesn’t have to be a hassle or come with a hefty price tag. There are many cost-effective, easy-to-use digital marketing tools available right now that were built specifically with small businesses in mind. Use Google My Business to create a customized listing, then keep up with customers through reviews, posts, images, and many of the other available features. Yelp is another good one, too.

Try to take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible. Use them to reach and engage your customers, then drive them to your website where they can follow up on offers, promotions, and more. Remember to keep it real and create real value, and they’ll appreciate your effort – and your brand will grow stronger as a result.

Regardless of the size of your business or the challenge this economic situation presents, remember two things: there are always more potential customers, and it’s still an excellent time to increase your reach.

With substantial brand awareness at the local level, you can grow your customer base, establish yourself as a valued member of the community, and provide real value through a robust online presence.

At SpeedPro South Jersey, we’re here to help your small business succeed with eye-catching graphics, high-quality large-format printing, and more, and we do it all right here from our Blackwood location. Contact us today to learn more about how our customized solutions can help achieve big brand awareness for your small business at a price that works for you.


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