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Your Word on the Street: Vehicle Lettering Vs. Wraps

APRIL 2, 2020| SpeedPro South Jersey



Vehicle graphics are a great way to get your company’s marketing message in front of potential customers every day. They’re easily customizable, mobile, and unlike billboards, they don’t come with any incremental media costs – once you purchase, they’re yours.

Two common types of graphics are vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps. So what’s the difference, what are their benefits, and which is best for your company? Let’s look at these two eye-catching options in more detail.

Vehicle Lettering:

  • Only involves custom text, no graphics
  • Covers a smaller area of the vehicle

Vehicle Wraps:

  • Incorporates custom images, text, and other graphics
  • Covers the entire surface of the vehicle or a significant portion of it

Both options have advantages, and since they’re so cost-efficient, it usually comes down to the type of message you want to send about your brand. To decide which is right for you, it helps to understand their features and benefits.

Vehicle Lettering Benefits

  • Minimalist aesthetic: Vehicle lettering enhances the appearance of text and communicates the main company details like name and contact information in a clear, concise, and attractive way.
  • Affordable: If you don’t want to make the full commitment to wrapping an entire vehicle, this option still enables you to get the word out. Lettering creates an impact for less.
  • Builds Your Brand: Professionally designed text can instill trust in your brand, building value, and creating favorable recognition when potential customers see your vehicle repeatedly.

Vehicle Wrap Benefits

  • Attention-grabbing: A full wrap or half wrap makes a bold statement and creates strong visual brand awareness. Through repetition and impact, viewers can recall key information like your business name, logo, and social media handles.
  • Long-lasting: Durable, vinyl vehicle wraps can last from three to six years, representing your brand for a considerable length of time without needing to be switched out.
  • Effective: Depending on daily routes, vehicle wraps have a broad impact every time you hit the road. Their eye-catching graphics make people instantly take notice of your message. 

The Choice is Yours

It all comes down to your vision. Do you want a subtle approach, or are you new to vehicle graphics? Lettering might be ideal. If you’re a smaller business, you might appreciate the lower up-front costs involved too.

However, if you really want to make some noise with your message, the bold graphics and engaging copy that are available in a full wrap might be the way to go. The return on investment and long-lasting durability with this option can also help offset the initial cost.

Whichever method you feel is best for your brand, at SpeedPro South Jersey, we can help bring your vision to life – and we do so right here at our location in Blackwood. Whether you need one vehicle or a whole fleet, when you need an experienced and professional printing partner who can get the job done fast, right, and at a price that works for you, contact SpeedPro South Jersey. Your expert partner for high-quality, large-format graphic printing.


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