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First impressions from customers new and old are what can keep your business going or allow it to see its end. The first experience a customer has with your business will shape the rest of their outlook — which means if your outer appearance isn’t attractive and appealing, you might be in for a bad time. And the last thing you want is a customer approaching you with an already disdainful look on their face!

Custom outdoor signage should be bold and eye-catching in order to draw attention. The more people see your signage from a distance, the more intrigue and interest you can create. At SpeedPro Imaging of South Orange County, we provide the use of color-matching technology, which allows us to match a color to your already existing color scheme. This process enables us to create business signage outdoors that blends in and complements your indoor signage, creating a well-rounded transition for customers walking into your building.

If your company or organization is located in Mission Viejo or around the southern area of Orange County, reach out to our studio today! We’ll begin designing some options that will promote your brand in a bright, vivid way outside.

Top Custom Outdoor Signage Options for You

Install exterior business signage on your lawn, on your door, along the walls, on sidewalks and in window frames. By doing so, you’ll be able to attract attention from anyone who passes by, no matter how near or far they are. Bold graphics and vivid inks paired with both long-term and short-term custom signage ensure an increase of visibility for your business.

Large outdoor signage can create a welcoming experience for potential customers and generate interest in your brand around the community.

At SpeedPro Imaging of South Orange County, we offer a variety of outdoor signage options for businesses. Choose from a long list that includes:

  • A-frames

  • Banners

  • Directional signage

  • Flags

  • Retractable banners

  • Sidewalk signs

If you live in the city or an urban area of Orange County, why not respond to the foot traffic that’s so popular in city life? Take advantage of the sidewalks that so many people walk up and down every day. Include custom sidewalk signs to grab attention and point people in the direction of your business or office. A-frames can add a three-dimensional structure to the pathway, ensuring no one will miss your sign. Whether you’re looking to create a bright display or an informative piece of signage, sidewalk signs can attract just the right amount of attention.

Directional signage will clearly play a huge role in creating a favorable first impression. It all starts on the outside, and what better way to ensure a positive experience than to make sure no one gets lost? Guide the flow of traffic through your parking lot. Invite customers inside and around your outer patio section to make sure they find the right entrance. Giving customers a sense of ease as they arrive at your building will create a smooth experience inside!

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If you require some much-needed custom outdoor signage, whether temporary or permanent, our studio has you covered. Call us today, and we’ll begin with our consultation process!

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