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At SpeedPro, we understand just how important it is for your team to present a winning image at all times. As the appearance of your arena or stadium impacts the way that your fans and players view your organization, it’s important to make a great impression from the moment a fan arrives in your parking lot. Sports graphics and athletic signage are crucial to setting the tone for your team and making your facilities unique.

SpeedPro has done everything from golf leaderboards and hockey rink dasher boards to concession menus and outfield banners. Wall murals are fantastic for décor in the locker room or for a Hall of Champions display. Branded tents make it easy for fans to meet up outside before the big game. Fleet wraps for your bus and support vehicles will turn heads every time, whether on the road or at the game.

Along with the examples given above, we’ve compiled a few more popular signage options below to help you as you decide if sports team signage is right for you.


One of the primary forms of athletic organization signage is environmental graphics. These kinds of graphics will make a stadium or arena pop and craft an atmosphere that complements the personality of your team. Environmental graphics serve a few primary roles in the stadium:

  • Informational: These environmental graphics will label section numbers in a stadium or provide other kinds of important information that attendees need.
  • Directional: Popular in many businesses, but especially useful for large stadiums, these types of signs will help fans navigate the arena or stadium. For example, a directional sign can point a fan to the closest bathroom or concession stand.
  • Identificational: In this role, the graphic will mark a certain place, like a ticket booth, to help fans find it faster.
  • Warning: There will be parts of an arena that are for staff or players only, so many teams use warning signs to block off certain areas to keep fans out.
  • Branding: Environmental graphics give your stadium or arena an identity and make sure that the location fits into the larger brand of the team. Iconic imagery from the season, team logos, recognizable color schemes and other team-specific graphics will all play into a successfully branded arena. Environmental graphics will help you put your stamp on your home stadium or arena.

Often, environmental graphics will take the form of graphics that help to define the arena with images of players or coaches, logos and team colors. These identity style graphics help to generate pride in your team and help to set the tone for how fans should act as they watch the game. When it comes to sports team signage, environmental graphics are a must-have. With them, you’ll no longer just have a stadium or arena, but a destination that fans can be proud to visit.


If you want to make your stadium or arena iconic, you should consider adding floor graphics. With a floor graphic installed, you can make your court or athletic field extremely memorable. Fans will be looking at the court or the field for the majority of the game. If you have a floor graphic at the center of the field or court, you’ll give fans something else to look at while the game goes on.

A successful floor graphic will reinforce a team identity while also acting as a way to add visually appealing accents to the surface. Many of these floor graphics will display the team’s logo at the center of the court or field, but they also are often found at midfield or at the ends of fields, such as in the end-zone for football teams. Smaller floor graphics can be displayed throughout the arena as well, accenting the stadium and reinforcing your team’s brand.

Floor graphics offer several benefits:

  • Brand your stadium: When fans come to see your game, you’ll want them to feel pride in your team, and floor graphics help accomplish this goal. While walls and signs are often used as canvases for branding, many times, floors are neglected. Iconic imagery and logos on the floor will assist in making your arena’s ambiance reflect your team’s personality.
  • Direct fans: Floor graphics can also be used to show people around the stadium or parking lot. Typically, these graphics will use arrows or other directional graphics to act as a visual guide to show a fan where they should be going.
  • Artistic touches: Along with branding your space and providing direction, floor graphics will give your arena an artistic touch. The graphics that you use on the ground will make a statement about your team and establish it as a destination that fans will be excited to visit.


If you want to add or upgrade athletic signage to your team’s arena or stadium, consider reaching out to SpeedPro. Over the years, we’ve worked with many athletic organizations to craft sports team signage that reflects positively on the team and gets fans excited to come watch.

At Speedpro Tricities we know how to turn your vision into a reality with Great. Big. Graphics. If your team is ready to score points with your fans give us a call at 423.415.0780!

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