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DECEMBER 15, 2019| SpeedPro Tri-Cities

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if one small photograph can convey a story, imagine what a full-color, high-resolution, wall-to-wall business mural tells the world.

It’s not just one of the hottest interior design trends of the moment, either. Business wall murals are a signature piece of how you brand your company and stay in the consumer’s mind. Murals can be situated inside or outside your business, advertise your culture or highlight products and services. They strike the perfect balance between professionalism and personality — plus just make your office or business look darn good.

If pictures have a lot to say, then custom wall murals are the megaphone to broadcast it, loud and unique and clear. We’ve got an in-depth guide into large wall murals for your office or business — how they work, how they’re designed, what to do to best install them and much more — all to imprint the story of your brand.


Wall murals are meant to catch the eye. First and foremost, they come designed to convey what your business is and what it’s all about. They’re a visual advertisement without being “salesy,” meaning you can grab attention, reveal information and increase brand recognition and recall all with a glance at a well-placed, well-designed wall graphic.


Wall Mural Care and Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, your indoor large wall mural can stay eye-catching and brand-effective almost indefinitely.

Likewise, an outdoor mural’s lifespan can exceed that of a regular paint job, lasting many years depending on substrates, mural laminate and environmental conditions — all of which you can review with a design studio.

Wall-mural care is essential to maintain your graphic’s original look. This means vivid colors, clear text and bright images that aren’t dulled or damaged. Luckily, keeping your business wall mural at its best involves a simple cleaning routine you likely already have in place for other areas in your office:

Cleaning Routine:

  • Wipe down your mural every few months with a lint-free cloth or sponge.
  • Dampen the cloth or sponge with water and mild soap.
  • Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, bleach or any petroleum-based products.
  • Start at the top edges of the mural and work your way down with smooth, even cleaning strokes. Hand-wash your wall murals only. Do not use washing machinery or equipment.
  • Be careful not to get soap or water between image seams. This may cause mural tiles to curl and peel.
  • Thoroughly dry your mural with a second lint-free cloth or sponge.
  • Note that regular cleaning of your mural with water and soap is only a good idea if your mural has been laminated. An unlaminated mural should have as little direct contact with water as possible.

For stains on your mural, follow the general instructions from above but begin with a citrus-based cleaner on your cloth or sponge. Apply firm yet even strokes to remove the stain, then immediately wash the area with soap and water using a different sponge. Do not use a specialty scrubbing or scouring pad on your mural.


You don’t just want your business to stand out. You want it to stand out for the right reasons — which it can, with the help of your local SpeedPro.

Get in touch with a team member of Speedpro TriCities to see how custom business wall murals will enhance your space. You bring the vision, and we help bring it to life!

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