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OCTOBER 27, 2019| SpeedPro Tri-Cities



The world is full of billions of people, millions of businesses and seemingly endless amounts of advertising. As the owner of a small- to mid-sized company, one question you might frequently have is, “How can I reach my target audience?” You have plenty of options when it comes to advertising, but not all of them are particularly effective. Some might also be overly expensive.

There’s one advertising strategy that’s relatively new and affordable. Fleet wraps and graphics and vehicle wraps encase a truck, car or other vehicle with information about a company.



Fleet wraps or vehicle wraps are made from a heavy-duty vinyl material. The wraps are printed with text and graphics and designed to catch the attention of others on the road, providing them with information about your company’s product or service.

Fleet wraps are an example of “out of home” or OOH advertising. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, OOH advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising out there. It pre-dates radio and television ads by years. Some of the earliest forms of OOH advertising were ads painted on horse-drawn carriages, which you could also consider the grandparent of today’s vinyl fleet wraps.


One misconception business owners often have about fleet wraps is that they need to have a large company or operate a fleet with hundreds of vehicles to take advantage of the method. In reality, any size business can benefit from a vehicle wrap, and there are various sizes and types of wraps available to accommodate different needs. Some of the vehicle wraps available include:

Full wrap: As you might guess, a full wrap covers the entire vehicle, whether it’s an SUV or 18-wheeltractor trailer. Full wraps tend to be the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Partial wrap: A partial wrap covers a portion of a vehicle and usually costs less than a full wrap. The drawback is that the partial wrap might not be as visually noticeable or might not be visible from all sides.

Spot graphics: Spot graphics are the smallest type of vehicle wrap design. You might think of them as a vinyl sign attached to the side of a truck or car.

“One-way vision” wraps: If you’ve ever seen buses or vans with graphics covering the windows, you might have wondered how the people in the vehicle, especially the driver, can see. Although vehicle wraps can cover up windows, the material used on the window surface is perforated. The perforated material lets a driver see clearly through the window, while the wrap looks like a full graphic to people outside.

Printed or pre-colored decals: In some cases, the vinyl wrap on a vehicle is pre-printed or pre-colored before installation.

Specialty vinyl: Specialty vinyl options range from color shift vinyl to camouflage. Carbon fiber materials are also sometimes available.

If you’re ready to learn more about fleet wraps or vehicle wraps and how they can help your business, SpeedPro TriCities can help. We offer full and partial wraps and can customize a project to meet your needs. To learn more, give us a call today…423.446.2642.

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