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AUGUST 29, 2018| SpeedPro North OC

We do a lot of car wraps around here, and I get asked a whole lot of questions about them. Three of the main ones are: What exactly ARE car wraps? Do they make a difference? And how does the whole thing work? To answer these fully, I’m going to cover this in three parts.

Today I’m going to talk about those first two questions.

Car wraps are one of three things: full wraps, partial wraps, or decals. Full wraps are graphics that cover the entirety of the car. Partial wraps only cover part of the car (usually just the doors or the hood). Decals are smaller stickers – usually sets of them. I’ll talk more about these over the next couple of weeks.

All of these work basically like giant, super adhesive stickers. We produce them in our studio and install them onto your car. If you decide to change the graphics up with a new design or seasonal theme or event, we can do that! If done correctly, they come off without damaging the paint underneath. You can turn your vehicle into an oversized, mobile advertisement that screams your brand all over town, or you can keep it quieter but still professional with contact information and your logo.

Now for the second question: do they work?

In a word: YES. I can quote facts and statistics at you. Vehicle wraps can reach 95% of Americans, while billboards reach only about 71%. Vehicle graphics are the most cost effective advertising option, costing less than a dollar per 1000 impressions, or individual views. They can last up to 5 years for that price.

But you’ve already seen their effectiveness for yourself. You’ve seen fleets of cars for restaurants, landscapers, and handymen. Semi-trucks are mobile billboards on the freeway. Vehicle graphics have a proven success rate. Come in and reap the benefits for yourself.

Next week, I’ll walk you through the entire process – from the initial idea all the way through installation. If you just can’t wait, give us a call today for a quote or to answer any questions you might have!


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