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4 Common Vehicle Graphics FWA’s

SEPTEMBER 27, 2018| SpeedPro Sacramento

Okay, so what’s an FWA? You know what an FAQ is, it’s frequently asked questions, but what’s this FWA stuff? FWA stands for Frequent Wrong Assumptions. I might have made this up, but why not, someone needed to. So, what are the FWA’s for vehicle graphics? Here are a few of the common vehicle graphics FWA’s we hear most often.

My Business is too Small for Vehicle Graphics 

“Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you see a plain company vehicle with no identification, does it inspire confidence? Worse yet, what if it’s dirty, damaged, or dangerous looking. What do you think when you see a substandard vehicle that represents a business? How would you react if an unprofessional company vehicle pulled into your parking lot to “sell” you? What if it was a provider’s van parked in your home driveway there to complete service work?

Vehicle graphics add a sense of professionalism. Think about it. When’s the last time you saw a car or truck from one of the major providers in your industry that didn’t have vehicle graphics?” — Do Vehicle Graphics Matter for a Small Business?

I Don’t Have Enough Vehicles for it to Matter.

Read the paragraph above. It doesn’t matter if you have one truck or 2,000 —vehicle graphics add to the professionalism of your business as well as advertise your offerings. And think about this. If you only have a few company vehicles, but they work in one general geographic area, when people become familiar with your vehicle graphics it can seem as if you have many vehicles.

My Car is too Small

No vehicle is too small for vehicle graphics. Yes, a 53-foot trailer is a traveling billboard, but I’ve seen smart cars, golf carts, and even motorcycles with eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics. Size does matter, but not as much as many believe. When your service van, truck, or car pulls into a neighborhood or business park, potential customers see it, and that means something.

Vehicle Graphics Are Too Expensive!

Not only do vehicle graphics add to the professionalism of your vehicles they’re effective advertising. According to several studies, vehicle graphics have a higher return on investment than TV, radio, print, or billboards.

“A Yellow Page bold-line ad can run $100/month — and up to $4000/month for a full-page (I’ve bought both). Billboards can run $700 to $2500 per month. A vehicle wrap can run $1500 to $3000, and last two – seven years.” — Why Haven’t You Wrapped Your Company Vehicles?

What’s Your Vehicle Graphic FWA?

What assumptions have you made about vehicle graphics that are questionable? If your assumptions have stopped you from pursuing vehicle graphics for you work cars and trucks you might want to rethink your position. If we can offer our advice, please, Contact Us.

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