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Art in the Workplace – COVID19

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020| SpeedPro Sacramento

The world is dealing with many situations right now and we know you are too. Offices have emptied completely, or for the most part, and there is a lot of low moral seeping in. SpeedPro Unlimited can lighten up your space with a new wall graphic or wall décor. With few to no employees in your building, this is a perfect time to get our installer in there without making a disruption. Having art on your walls can improve your business too!

indoor office sign for ACWA

We have found some statistics that explain what having art displayed can do for your business:

  • Increase productivity by 32%
  • Increase speed by 15%
  • 71% of men and 92% of women believe that workplace art affects working health and well-being.

Gutterglove wall mural

How art will affect your employee’s overall behavior:

Employees feel more

  • Important
  • Cared for
  • Social
  • Loyal
  • Less stressed
  • More creative
  • Unified with coworkers
  • In control (if allowed to place art where they would like)

For example, there is a canvas print of a beach scene in the hallway. An irritated employee, who normally s an upbeat and outgoing person, passes by and sees it. They take a moment to distract themselves, but afterwards, they are showing a new happier mood. They go about their day and realize the canvas art was the reason their mood had changed.

As you can tell placing art on the walls of a bare office can benefit you and your team immensely. SpeedPro Unlimited has over 15 years of experience in printing and design and will help you find solutions to what subjects and where to place them for the best results from your team.

See below for SpeedPro Unlimited examples:

custom vehicle wrap on truck for mr. rooter plumbing Building surrounded by palm trees with a "now leasing" sign for One Uptown Newport Pan Y Vino custom sign in office.

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