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Bring your Brand to the Storefront

JULY 2, 2019| SpeedPro Sacramento

Where to start.

Are you opening a new business? Do you have your storefront signage planned out? Opening a new business can be overwhelming, but at SpeedPro Unlimited we can help you with all your branding inside and out of your new store. We can take this off your hands once we have some guidance as to what you’d like the front of your place of business to be like. Join us on the journey of creating your new office, store, or studio.

Your on-premises signage is the first interaction a consumer has with your store. The storefront signage introduces your brand to every eye that catches a glance, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle. This increases your visibility to consumers. Increasing visibility can greatly enhance new foot traffic to your store.

We have some tips for getting started on creating your new storefront look!

There are some things that you may not have considered being a factor in your branding designs.

1. Know the rules.

The area where your business is may have its own rules for storefront signage. There may be size restrictions, coverage restrictions, or even a specific font and look to keep consistency within the area. Your landlord should have this information, if not the city will.

2. Respect your logo.

If you have a logo made already, respect it! They are not meant to be stickers to plaster everywhere. Place them strategically. Keep your space eye-catching instead of busy. Also, if the logo was where you started to design your brand, stick to it and stay consistent. Keeping the fonts, colors, and tone of voice the same will build customer trust in your brand as well as identifying your product.

3. Consider the purpose.

There are many ways you can create your signage. You could make it all about your brand with the name, store hours, and a few graphics to express your focus. Another way you could go about it is by creating a storefront that will entice people by showing your sales and promotions as well as your name and basic information.

4. Change up your signage.

Whether your brand has outgrown the image you started with or it is just time for an update, revising your signs will get people talking. Consumers will start to wonder and ask their friends “Did you notice Your brand’s new look? I wonder what else is new?” You can also add to your signage with more temporary signs such as posters of your sales, window vinyl to showcase your promotions or even floor graphics for wondering eyes.

Storefront signage can help you and your company get your name out there!

Visibility is key to attracting new customers to your location. With the help of SpeedPro Unlimited, your store will show off who you are and what products or services you provide. We have helped many storefronts show off their products such as Matthews Mattress, Royalty Wraps, and The Lion Electric Co.

SpeedPro Unlimited can help!

We would love to help you with your signage. From designing to installation SpeedPro Unlimited can assist you. Don’t be afraid to call (916) 851-1115 and receive a free estimate or schedule a consultation. We also can talk about ideas by email at if that is easiest for you.
Choose SpeedPro Unlimited for all your signage needs and you won’t be disappointed.

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