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Presentation <span>Boards</span>

Need a Presentation Board?

Are meetings a normal part of your work week? How about training sessions? Do you pitch new ideas to others? Well SpeedPro can tell you these types of events are swimming in presentation boards of all sorts. These boards help bring your subject to life, draw attention to your cause, entertain the visual people in your audience; Overall, they enhance the audience experience. There are many different types of presentation boards, from what they are aimed to do for you, to what they are made of and look like.

SpeedPro brings vibrant colors and immaculate detail to your presentation board. We ensure the graphics you choose will look sharp and show the best colors possible. Through communication, amazing printers, and high-quality material, together you and SpeedPro can create something truly eye catching.

What is it made of?

With creating a presentation board SpeedPro does not disappoint with the options in material. We offer a Foamcore material that is great for short term presentations. This material is a 3/16ths or a 1/2 of an inch of foam sandwiched between sheets of clay coated paper. The next step up would be our Ultraboard substrate. Ultraboard is made up of a polystyrene core board between two rigid thinner sheets of polystyrene. The polystyrene gives the board great strength to defend itself from dings and dents, it is not invincible but much stronger than the foamcore option.

What should your presentation board look like?

There are many different images that could be used as a presentation board. A strong image that enhances your topic is a very popular option. We have also seen maps of new buildings, so all coworkers could easily follow along with the speaker of that meeting. Imagine how difficult it would be to show an incredibly long spreadsheet on a computer monitor. The scrolling up and down the page would easily lose your audience and cause confusion. SpeedPro can help by printing out that incredibly large spreadsheet on a 4ft by 8ft piece of Ultraboard to show the entire spreadsheet with ease. From charts, maps, or an image having a presentation board at your next meeting will blow your audience away. There is no wrong answer other than not having a presentation board with you!

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