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JANUARY 23, 2020| SpeedPro Sacramento

What They Can Do For You!

More often than not, business owners see stickers as unprofessional. They are wrong! Decals are a great way to expand your outreach to potential clients. There are a handful of uses for them, such as handouts to existing and new clients, branding your equipment like laptops, and they can be added to your product’s packaging. Stickers are very versatile and because of that, they reach potential clients in the ways you might be missing!


Spark Interest!

Decals are interesting. In comparison to other marketing strategies stickers are fun and make objects more personalized. Customers are more likely to use the sticker and see it more often than the stack of fliers collecting dust on their desks. Stickers are a miniature version of a vehicle wrap, in the sense that they are mobile. They can adhere to water bottles, phone cases, laptops, and even vehicle bumpers making your brand visible to an untapped group of potential clients. Achieving this is as easy as placing an order with us and mailing them out with your next newsletter.


Close the Gap!

Using stickers as a marketing strategy closes the gap between your online visibility and real, in person, visibility. Having stickers as part of your marketing strategy could spark conversation between an existing client and a new one, initiating word of mouth for your company. Stickers are a physical reminder of what your company is. Viewers who are unaware of your business that see your decal will feel inclined to look you up online or go to your store in person, leading more people to you in a different way


SpeedPro Unlimited Can Help!

The team at SpeedPro Unlimited can help you with designing your logo, choosing a size for the decals, and the shape of them too. No matter your branding guidelines we are determined to create great graphics for your business. From matching your businesses specific color scheme to achieving the perfect look you’re going for, we want to help! We are the one-stop-shop for your next sticker order: design, print, and ship.

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