Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Signage

OCTOBER 7, 2020| SpeedPro Sacramento

While the internet is a major source for leads, a physical yard sign is still a great tool to lasso your buyers in! There are times that the property you are selling will not be easily searchable. Having a real estate sign will allow people in the neighborhood to see your listing and share it with their friends, no matter if their neighborhood is hard to find. Even if the property is easily searchable, why not have another marketing tool and sell it faster? SpeedPro Unlimited’s goal is having our signs accelerate the status of your property from “For Sale” to “Sold”!

We have done some research on tips to make your yard sign stand out from the crowd.

Here are our top 5 ideas:

  1. Think Outside of a Sign

Finding an option best for your property does not always have to be the traditional sign. There are so many types of properties and not all of them will benefit from a traditional yard sign. Let’s say there is no front lawn to post the sign at all, SpeedPro Unlimited would offer you other options such as a flag, banner, or window cling depending on the specific property.

  1. Use an Unusual Shape to Draw Attention

Your brain will most likely think o a rectangular or square sign, ignore that thought! A more interesting shape is eye catching and different from your competitors. Think about using the shape of a house, or the shape of your logo to bring something different to the table.

  1. Technology has an Advantage

Our technological advances are growing each day and there are some tools that you might benefit from. SpeedPro Unlimited offers a new type of print “Smart Signage” that includes a small chip that allows your audience to wave their smart phone over your sign to pull up your website, form, or contact information. Say goodbye to printing fliers or pamphlets to keep with your sign.

Check out the new technology HERE

  1. Don’t Over Think. Keep it Simple.

Concentrate on what you need people to know. What is the best way to contact you? Passersby can easily be overwhelmed by too much information and ultimately forget what is most important to you. Keep t simple and make sure they are led to where you want them to end up.

  1. Use Color to Highlight Important Details

Colors are often forgotten until the last moment, but they are an outstanding tool for directing focus. Often the colors associated with your logo is a great place to start! Although it is not the only answer. Try playing with the colors of the property, for example a brick and mortar store may have brick walls and grey shutters, you could use a brick red and the grey in your sign.

Your real estate sign should be everything you want it to be. SpeedPro Unlimited will make that happen for you! So, tap into those unexpected prospects and order a sign with us. Also, if you haven’t seen our Real Estate and Property Management page, you should check it out.

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