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Work trucks, both big and small, often create a spectacle on the road. No matter if they’re being carried by eight tires or have machinery and equipment located in the open bed, there’s a very good chance they’ll be spotted and noticed. If you’re driving one of these trucks, why not take advantage of the extra acknowledgment you’re getting as you travel by adding a branded design to it and making your business more visible?

At SpeedPro Unlimited, our team is focused on generating these solutions for you. With custom truck wraps, we’ll create a design that will capture and hold the attention of people passing by. Our team of designers and marketers can pinpoint areas of your brand that need the most exposure and create a visual representation to help you gain recognition. If your business is looking for more visibility and you’re located in the counties of Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado, contact our team today to learn more about commercial truck wraps.

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Should You Choose Cast or Calendar Vinyl for Your Commercial Truck Wraps?

Adding a custom wrap to a commercial work truck involves precision and detail. A vehicle wrap needs to be big enough to generate the ideal amount of attention but not so big that it can’t maintain the balance between durable and flexible. In this case, it’s necessary to choose the particular type of vinyl that displays your graphic.

Cast vinyl is one option you can select to wrap your truck. This thin material allows your design to be wrapped and on display for a lengthy period. With it, you can cover multiple parts of your truck with ease and smoothness, as it’s easy to adhere without any issues.

If you’re looking for an opposite advantage, calendar vinyl might be the choice for you. It’s made with a thicker build, ensuring a strong and durable display. This type of sheet wrap works comfortably around the various nuts and bolts that might be exposed on the exterior of your truck without ripping.

SpeedPro Unlimited will work with you directly to identify the proper type of vinyl to emphasize your brand.

No matter which custom truck wraps you choose, you’re sure to grab attention from any driver passing by.

Full vs. Partial Truck Wraps: How Much Coverage Is Necessary?

In addition to choosing your material, you’ll also want to determine how much coverage is necessary to promote your brand on your work truck. You can choose between full truck wraps and partial ones, or the difference between long-term and short-term branding.

A full track wrap will provide you with a majority of coverage and branding. All areas of your truck can be wrapped, including your front hood, back door and side panels. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a small amount of branding, a partial truck wrap is the ideal match for you. This option will allow you the room to specify how little or much advertising you want to provide as well as which areas of your truck you prefer to focus on.

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