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SEPTEMBER 16, 2019| SpeedPro Sacramento

An A-frame or Sandwich board is an inexpensive way to attract more business.

There are a few reasons why an A-Frame is beneficial to your business:

1. Inexpensive: For less than $500 SpeedPro Unlimited can make you a custom A-Frame sign.

2. Customizable: We can design the advertisement with your logo and promotion quickly and with high quality.

3. Portable: They are so light and compact that you can place them almost anywhere!

4. Increases Visibility: A-Frames are a good way to make a first impression and get a passerby’s attention.


A SpeedPro Unlimited Studio Example:

Lifted Smoke Shop is in a business area and does not have great visibility from the streets surrounding the shop. They came to SpeedPro asking for help. They asked us about yard signs, banners, and A-Frames. Lifted Smoke shop had tried to use yard signs, but they had been damaged. We decided that A-Frames were the way to go.

Lifted Smoke Shop has seen success with the yard signs that lasted a few months and are excited to see how much traffic these sturdy A-Frame signs can bring!


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