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Have you been assigned the task of putting together an official corporate event for your business? Don’t panic or stress! If you need some assistance and guidance through the process, SpeedPro Visual Solutions is here to help.

The first thing to know is that corporate events don’t have to be all work and no play. Think back to all of the events you’ve been to, corporate or not. Don’t you remember so much more than just the main event? At SpeedPro, we make sure to create custom event graphics that play just as much a part of informing and guiding the guests as they do making sure the environment and experience are entertaining and enjoyable.

SpeedPro Visual Solutions supports and assists all businesses and organizations local to Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. If you’re preparing for an upcoming corporate event and looking for some design help, reach out to our studio!

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Custom Graphic Designs for Your Corporate Event

Our design team at SpeedPro Visual Solutions knows how to make a strong first impression with new guests through our event graphic designs. We strive to make guests feel comfortable, welcome and excited to be at your event — and that’s what will keep them engaged during the whole affair.

SpeedPro offers many different corporate event graphics, including but not limited to:

Select any one of these products and see it add to the number of customers approaching you to learn more.

Most Popular Event Graphics Options

The choice is up to you whether you mix-and-match a few design options or go for all of them. Our team will be in contact with you throughout the whole process to make sure you’re on board with the designs we customize to effectively represent your brand.

Directional signage will be one of the most important features at your corporate event. Things will feel much more fluid for guests if they don’t have to find you or any other event staff to ask where a particular presentation is being held or where the nearest bathroom is.

Vinyl banners are a custom event graphic that attracts attention for all the right reasons. Place them outside to guide guests inside and direct traffic in from afar. Once inside, they can help guide people’s attention up and around to take in all the visuals that you’ve provided. It also gives them a chance to read at their own pace if they don’t want to sit in on any presentations or speeches.

SpeedPro Visual Solutions creates wall and floor graphics as well, such as decals, backlit graphics and wall murals. These elements will make statements and allow your guests to feel like every aspect of your corporate event was given thought and attention — which it was!

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If you’re looking for a way to one-up the corporate event your business held last year, visit our studio! We’ll set up a consultation appointment so that we can discuss all of your business and branding needs and give you a direct look at our design approach. Schedule a consultation today.


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