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Branding your business is much like branding yourself. There are certain styles of clothing you wear to emphasize your interests. Some people dye their hair, and other people cut theirs. Cars are covered in bumper stickers, school lockers were bedazzled with mirrors, posters and stickers in high school and you choose the way you want your home to look today.

There isn’t much of a difference between those factors and your professional life. You’re trying to present yourself in a way that you believe reflects who you are internally. How you decorate and design your office building is also your way of representing the integrity and internal nature of your business.

If you’re looking to update your way of branding your business inside your office, install some custom wall coverings. SpeedPro Visual Solutions will create wall coverings for your business.

We’re dedicated to showcasing the essence of your brand with these coverings and sharing it with customers and employees alike.

Our studio provides service to business and organizations located in Waterloo, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Reach out today to start your new design phase!

Interior Wall Coverings Everybody Loves

SpeedPro will assist you in designing your commercial wall coverings, but you get to make the actual decisions. Do you want an entire room branded with interior wall coverings? Do you just want to feature one covered wall? Are you looking to create a whole new look, or do you want it to match other signage you currently have?

We offer a few different wall coverings for businesses, including:

  • Backlit graphics
  • Fabric wall coverings
  • Stretched canvas
  • Wall murals

Wall murals are our most popular form of commercial wall covering. A custom wall mural can remain on the outskirt of your room yet be the center of attention. They’re applied to your wall using a strengthening adhesive, allowing them to stay affixed for years. Now that’s a statement!

Another dramatic feature made for covering your wall is canvas. Printing on canvas allows our inks and colors to make a vivid mark and draw attention from everyone. The canvas then gets stretched so that it lays flat and folds over wooden frames, which can then be hung and arranged on your walls in whichever manner you prefer. You can place one large frame to center your wall or create a few small pieces to put together a small collage.

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Branding your business is easy when it comes to using interior wall coverings. Go all out with murals, canvas, fabric coverings and backlit graphics, or just choose one! SpeedPro is here to help you craft the right designs to be able to promote your brand and connect with your customers.

Call us today to set up a consultation with our skilled team in Iowa!


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