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Located in suburban Philadelphia, West Chester is a nearby hub for a variety of different promotional events that companies can take advantage of.  You can maximize your exposure with the use of custom event graphics, which SpeedPro West Chester can create with ease.  No matter if you’re a coordinator, presenter or vendor, we have the skills and resources to assist you in any capacity.

From West Chester to King of Prussia to Philadelphia, we offer services throughout the Delaware Valley.

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Corporate Event Graphics That Can Help You Stand Out

Events rarely take on one-size-fits-all solutions, as you need to consider purpose, size and attendee demographics when planning out your course of action.

Our visual communication experts strive to create custom event graphics that accentuate your unique qualities with professionalism and vibrancy.

We’ll host you for a consultation, discuss the options available through our catalog, highlight positives and negatives as they relate to your goals and much more.  Here are some helpful products that we carry:

  • Banners:  Whether you hang them from the sides of buildings or inside hallways, banners offer impact at a cost-friendly rate.  You can tailor them to your liking by selecting from different sizes, materials and mounting styles.  Hang them from grommets or pole pockets, or mount them in retractable stands for increased portability.
  • Directional signage:  A large convention center or conference hall offers plenty of space for activities, but that also increases complexity.  To keep your attendees on the right track, you can implement different directories and diagrams to point the way.  You’ll be able to reduce confusion and streamline foot traffic this way.
  • Sidewalk signs:  Sometimes, building up hype for an event will begin with some curb appeal.  Coroplast board signs supported by H-frames and A-frames offer a lot of potential impact at a low cost.  The latter can display chalkboards, whiteboards and posters, while the former can be ordered in bulk and placed throughout grassy areas.
  • Tents:  During certain seasons of the year, more events are likely to take place outdoors in the form of festivals, concerts and fairs, to name a few.  Tents not only help you to stand out in wide-open environments, but they also offer valuable protection from the elements. You can choose from three styles — popup, tubular and inflatable — and multiple sizes.

Your options don’t end there. You can also select from flags, floor graphics, table toppers, kiosks and much more.

Your Printing Partner for Vibrant Event Graphic Designs in West Chester

If you want to discuss graphic design for events, contact us today to schedule your consultation.  You can also stop by our studio, which is located off Route 202 in West Chester.

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