Elevator Door Wraps

Elevator Door Wraps in West Chester

Elevator wraps are fast becoming an effective medium that many corporations are using as an advertising vehicle for their messages.  They can’t be turned off or discarded and are read over and over again.  Think about it.  Where do people gather a great deal of time in your office building or medical center – waiting for elevators.  Messages are the first and last thing people see as they wait for and leave the elevator.  Research has shown that elevator advertising achieved the highest unaided medium awareness with 84 percent and elevator advertising was tops in media recall with 96 percent.


Elevator graphics by SpeedPro repeatedly introduce your event, announce your new product or reinforce your key message to every visitor and prospect.  A custom elevator wrap can positively impact the ambiance of a space by completely changing the interior décor and the rider experience.  What’s more, you can easily remove and refresh it whenever re-branding occurs.

Think of the possibilities:

  • Event branding during conferences and expos
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Motels Door wraps
  • Hospital door wraps


The potential for visual impact is to some degree a function of construction.  No matter the type, whether traditionally paneled or transparently ultramodern, we will know exactly which materials work best and work with you to surround it with a look and feel that will wow riders and onlookers alike.

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