Acrylic Panels

Custom Acrylic Panels

It’s no longer vogue to commission old stodgy paintings of the founding partners forever entombed in a dusty oak frame above the entrance mantle.  Breath life and relevance into your brand and consider using broad swath of elegant Acrylic panels.

Why Acrylic panels

Acrylic panels a perfect product to use for virtually any project.  With its superior durability and glass-like brilliance, Acrylic is frequently used as the ideal component for displays or exhibits, office walls and even home décor, and any project that requires a strong but stunning finish.  The possibilities are endless with Acrylic and is used by architects, designers, and interior decorators to create innovative, attractive spaces, and decorative pieces.  Acrylic is strong, easy to work with and maintains its finish in high use, indoor applications.

The Full Process

Printing with a UV flatbed printer with a dedicated White channel, we produce spectacular 1st or 2nd surface printed panels, with the ability to produce double sided images using White ink sandwiched between 2 layers of full color.

Once the print process is complete, we offer a variety of stand-offs or cable display system, to create professional impactful displays.

Another option that we offer are lit panels; signs that glow, catching the eyes of those who pass them.  If you’re seriously looking for unique advertising, you may enjoy this added feature.  LED sign holders are a luminous version of the sign holders you have seen in a LED real estate window display.  They’re sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees them in a store front or in a real estate office.  These LED Panels are combined with our Cable Display Systems, to create a beautiful professional display.




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