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Plexiglass Projects in Culver City

You’ve used banners, you’ve displayed window graphics, and you’ve shared retractable banner stands within your lobby area. Are you looking for even more for your professional business? Perhaps you’re in a client-facing office and want to present yourself in a sleek, business-model manner. Or maybe you’re a travel agent and want to advertise all the trip packages and locations boldly and brightly throughout your building. When you’re ready to modernize the appearance of your office, plexiglass projects are the venture to tap into.

At SpeedPro West Los Angeles, we design, create and print all types of plexiglass projects for office spaces. No project request is too big or too small, nor too complex or minimalist. Our team of professional designers and marketers will ensure your project receives the full, detailed treatment, representing your brand and your business in an attractive fashion for customers to engage with.

If your company or organization is looking to take advantage of some professional designs, reach out to our team today. Our studio serves businesses located in the areas of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Culver City.

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What Types of Plexiglass Projects Are Customizable?

When we create our custom plexiglass designs, acrylic is our number one go-to material. It’s durable and the perfect platform for displaying our highly vivid, fade-resistant inks. You’ll be sure to receive a wall print or sign that captures the immediate attention of anyone who walks into your building. Your plexiglass customization can also set a tone for your workspace, whether that’s bright and energetic or reserved and monochromatic.

Plexiglass projects are more than just signs and murals — they’re highly detailed works of art, bringing your brand to life.

SpeedPro West Los Angeles can create a number of custom designs for your business, including:

  • Clear acrylic signage
  • Dimensional lettering
  • Frosted plexiglass signage
  • Logos
  • Maps
  • Photo prints

How Are Plexiglass Projects Displayed?

Most of the time, you’ll want to adhere your plexiglass signs to your wall with durable structures. Invisible cleats or even metal pieces called standoffs can attach the corners of your design to the wall. This method helps support your plexiglass while also providing depth to your design, creating an innovative three-dimensional effect against the surface of an otherwise flat wall.

For logos and lettering, you can choose to use different types of adhesive to support your plexiglass design. You’ll find a full range of adhesive options listed on our site. We can determine what strength and level of hold you need for your projects.

Learn More About Plexiglass Projects in Culver City

If you’re ready to take the step into a more professional or modern-looking office design, contact our team at SpeedPro West Los Angeles. We’ll gladly set up a consultation appointment to further discuss your specific branding needs.

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