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Trade Show Displays in Culver City

The Los Angeles metro area features diversity in spades. You can go from one side to the other and experience a huge array of established and aspiring businesses. Making it in the City of Angels is certainly not easy, as it requires a commitment to your craft and a noticeable marketing strategy. It also requires you to hit the road and promote your products and services at marketing events, including festivals, expos and trade shows.

SpeedPro West Los Angeles can help you with that endeavor. We’ll create a portable trade show display that demonstrates your products and services in a visually appealing, professional manner.

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What Can You Use in Your Pop Up Trade Show Displays?

When you attend trade shows and other occasions, you’ll compete with dozens — possibly hundreds — of other vendors for attention. Unfortunately, you can’t count on the sheer quality of your goods.

You need to give people a reason to stop, and a well-designed trade show display booth can do just that.

Our visual communication experts will analyze your needs and recommend solutions that fit in best with your circumstances. Options include:

  • Banner stands: Retractable stands offer an unbeatable blend of portability and visibility. You can choose from a range of sizes, styles and models. Styles we offer include retractable, telescopic and spring-back. Our three models include economy, premium and standard. The banners themselves can be single- or double-sided, so the options are nearly endless.
  • Hop-ups: Hop-ups offer similar benefits to retractable stands but in a different package. They’re lightweight kits that can range in size, which makes them ideal for trade show backdrops and tabletop displays. They don’t require any tools for conversion, and they come with a variety of carrying cases that increase their portability.
  • Point of purchase (POP) displays: POP displays will add yet another dimension to your trade show display booth, as they provide interactive elements that tend to pull customers in. We offer fabric walls, backlights, attachable shelving, monitor stands, kiosks and many other features that will allow you to adapt your suite to your liking.
  • Table toppers: Compared to banner stands, tents and hop-ups, table toppers and runners aren’t necessarily big-ticket items. However, they can subtly complement your other elements and bring your whole display together. Our round-table formats include fitted and stretch throw. For rectangular tables, we offer convertible and imprinted table throws. Other options include curved and multiple-level as well as multiple-panel.
  • Backlit graphics: The people around your trade show display should know exactly where the spotlight belongs, and you can make sure they do by incorporating lightboxes and backlit displays into your presentation. Show off the elements that are most important while portraying to the public that you know exactly what they need most.
  • Tents: If you plan on attending outdoor events like festivals or concerts, you’ll need a base of operations to work out of. Tents not only enhance your visibility but also offer valuable protection from the occasionally harsh sun that reigns over Southern California. They’re available in a variety of sizes as well as three styles: inflatable, tubular and popup.

If you need other options, you’ll be happy to know that we carry other products beyond the above-listed options. We’ll also use expert color-matching practices to line up your new items with your preexisting elements.

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