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Trade Show <span>Displays</span>

Trade Show Displays in Wilmington

Wilmington, along with being a population hub in its own right, sits in close proximity to large cities that frequently attract businesses for trade shows, expos, festivals and other occasions. Local companies often hit the road to showcase their services and products. If you’re one of those businesses, you can maximize your impact on people by utilizing a bold, informative and portable trade show display that features an array of different graphics and accessories.

SpeedPro Wilmington can create your display from the ground up, as we weave proven skill with excellent resources to develop high-quality products in a quick, efficient manner. Our award-winning studio has plenty of experience in the local area, which gives us insight that other competitors might lack.

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Increase Your Popularity With a Portable Trade Show Display

Any pop-up trade show display should pair attractiveness with functionality and flexibility, and our experts will seamlessly integrate all of those qualities into your project. We provide solutions, not excuses, and you’ll gain a partner that’s invested in your long-term success. We’ll discuss your circumstances in-depth, and your products will be tailored to fit every requirement.

The moment your attractive portable trade show display is set up, you’ll see customers and attendees glancing your way more.

Here are a few options that you can choose from:

  • Banner stands: Attracting people can be a difficult task, but retractable banner stands ease the burden while offering increased portability. The banners themselves can be single- or double-sided, while the stands come in retractable, telescopic and spring-back styles. The three models we offer are economy, standard and premium. Internal mechanisms and metal gauge strength vary, which means you can adjust to fit your workload.
  • Hop ups: Hop ups are another graphic option that marries attractive visuals and stress-free functionality. The kits are lightweight, and they require no tools for conversions, which can be accomplished in seconds. Depending on the size that you need, you can use them as trade show backdrops or tabletop stands.
  • Point of purchase (POP) displays: Luring customers in is one step, but familiarizing them with your products can be an entirely different challenge. POP displays help with that, as you can form an interactive experience with fabric walls, backlights, attachable shelving, monitor stands, kiosks and other elements.
  • Table toppers: Not every graphic needs to be large and upfront. Table toppers and runners serve as excellent complements to banner stands and hop ups. Our round-table formats include fitted and stretch throw. For rectangular tables, we offer convertible and imprinted table throws. Other solutions include curved, multiple-level and multiple panel.

You can also select from flags, tents and many other options.

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