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Vehicle Wraps in Wilmington

Are you looking to expand your business beyond your typical audience? Do you want to gain more visibility for your brand and tap into a new world of advertising? When you’re not in the office, do you often find yourself driving around or using your car to go places?

If you’ve been answering “yes” to the above questions, SpeedPro Wilmington is the perfect business match for you! With custom vehicle wraps, you can easily take your brand with you as you travel away from the office after work. You choose the coverage amount you need for your business to receive the right amount of attention. This strategy brings you into the convenient and efficient world of vehicle advertising!

If your company or organization is located in or around the Wilmington area, vehicle wraps might be exactly what you’re looking for. Reach out today, and we’ll match your branding needs to all of our customization options!

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Customizable Coverage With Vehicle Graphics

The effectiveness of custom vehicle wraps is seen through the number of positive impressions you make on a daily basis driving around your community. Having your brand on full display at all times gives you the ability to promote at any moment, no matter if you’re driving or parked on the side of the road.

Our vehicle wraps allow you to reach a larger audience at a much faster rate than you could have imagined!

At SpeedPro Wilmington, you can choose the amount of coverage you prefer on your vehicle with options like:

  • Fleet wraps
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps
  • Decals and Lettering

If you run a trucking company or van delivery service, you may be interested in the specialty fleet wraps we provide. With these wraps, all the vehicles and members of your fleet will take to the road completely in uniform, bearing the same designs and graphics. This feature is a neat one to be able to promote your brand on a large scale as you run all your deliveries. You won’t just be attracting attention because of your noise and large frame — you’ll be drawing attention because of your visual display!

With standard trucks, SUVs and cars, you have the choice to advertise with one of two wrap designs. Full wraps and partial wraps follow the same design and printing process — it’s just down to how much coverage you want for your brand. Full vehicle wraps cover up your entire vehicle, including your front hood, side doors, windows, roof and back bumper. Partial vehicle wraps place your brand on specific sections of your vehicle, whether that’s just your windows or only the front hood and side doors.

It may sound confusing, but don’t worry! Our team at SpeedPro Wilmington is ready to assist you in making these decisions based on the amount of promotion you want for your business. We’ll have you covered!

Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps in Wilmington

Call our studio now to set up your initial consultation appointment! From there, we’ll further discuss details regarding your business and branding needs.

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