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While your corporate event should be a fun experience for all, you do need to make sure there’s a theme that focuses on your company. What parts of your business do you want to advertise and brand throughout the event? Do you want to market your products and services? Maybe the environment that stems from your workspace? Or perhaps it’s the mission statement you live by each day?

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Setting Up Your Event With Custom Event Graphics

SpeedPro Charm City will help you determine what to focus on and how to present it loudly but in the background of your event. We offer a variety of services to create custom graphic designs for events and will help you choose the ones that will work best for you.

At the end of the day, whatever you choose will emphasize your brand and mission enough to attract loyal customers.

Our range of options goes from the little decorative pieces on tables to the widespread presentations that take up walls. Choose from designs like:


You can dress up both inside and outside your event with banners. They can help make a statement and alert people passing by to your event. Banners can be hung and stretched across the street to present days or weeks before your big day or weekend. Promote around town by hanging banners from street lamps, featuring our custom cut designs and bold inks.

Window Graphics

Window graphics applied to your exterior windows can also help attract traffic and bring in curious guests. By covering your window with a well-colored perforated film, you can advertise the fun atmosphere as well as your business! Window clings will also allow you to share information that can easily be removed in a few days’ time.

Wayfinding Signage

The most important piece of signage you use may be your directional signage. It will help guide guests into the parking lots, through the entrance and around all the levels and rooms of your event. Branding your directional signage will prove much more effective in creating a happy and energetic environment than a basic black-font-on-white-background sign would.

Promote Your Brand

By installing decorative graphic designs, you can help shape the atmosphere of your event while still promoting your brand. Floor decals can lead people’s attention to particular areas. Backlit graphics can accompany presentations. Wall murals, with their big presence, can start discussions and invite people to gather in certain rooms. Everything SpeedPro designs for you will not just contribute to a lively event but also expose guests to your business and what it’s really about.

Corporate Event Graphics to Meet Your Marketing Goals

We know our team has the right amount of skill and knowledge to create attractive event graphics for your company or organization. Call us today, and set up a consultation to know more about you and your brand. Let’s work together toward perfecting your next corporate event!

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