Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Custom Wall Murals in Baltimore

Every office deserves to have a piece of work that attracts the eye. It goes beyond whether or not you need it for design — your company needs one to effectively deliver your business.

Wall murals for businesses are designed to bring life and color to an area. With SpeedPro, you can rest assured that anyone who sees your mural will not just glance at it but truly have their attention captured. We can create vinyl wall murals to brand your business and create a settling and welcoming environment for both customers and employees.

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The Perfect Printed Wall Murals

People in offices tend to accentuate their space with decorative art. Whether it’s just to add color or place something in a previously empty spot, these art pieces can enhance the area in a small way.

SpeedPro wants to assist your office in designing a piece that adds color, represents your business and shares a story.

The first thing we’ll need to discuss is where you want to place your mural. Your second decision will be in customizing the experience for a particular group of people, whether that’s your customers or your coworkers in the office.

You may want to increase customer connection inside your lobby. Have you noticed an area in your lobby that seems too dull or empty? Want to increase the conversations that happen while potential clients gather and wait? Feature some of your business’s products in a mural, or emphasize the effect you have on the community. Allow your customers to feel engaged with your business, and they may be more eager to approach you and discuss your business and the work you provide.

Perhaps you’ve noticed morale is low among your employees or that conference room meetings are often tiring and ineffective. You can inspire your coworkers by providing a vinyl wall mural. If people need a reminder that their work does good for other people, having that daily in the form of a large format wall mural can push them the extra mile. Likewise, you can use a printed wall mural hanging in your conference to emphasize your company’s mission statement, using that to encourage discussions and improve focus on the end goal.

Vibrant Vinyl Wall Murals

Our wall murals are printed onto durable vinyl material. Fade-resistant ink pairs well with vinyl, as it seems to enhance the color and make a bold statement in every setting.

If you want to add a vinyl wall mural to your office area but don’t want to disrupt the signage that already exists, we can use color-matching technology to make sure your new addition fits into the color scheme of your office. This strategy allows you to grab people’s attention in a natural way!

Get Stunning Wall Murals in Baltimore

Our team will work with you through every step of the design and printing process. It’s our goal to make a wall mural that brings your office to life. Contact us today to set up a consultation, and get ready for your new office addition!

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